There are so many types of rice noodles, from thin, threadlike vermicelli to the extra-wide that you find in pad see ew. Rice noodles are gluten-free (some varieties include tapioca as a stabilizer, which is still gluten-free, though you should always check the label if gluten is a concern), and cook quickly; many varieties just need to soak in hot water.

There are myriad different ways to enjoy rice noodles, and we rounded up some of our favorite flavorful recipes below. Not seeing the right one for you? You can search for more recipes through our Recipe Finder.

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad, pictured above. Perfect for summer! Adapted from writer Molly Wizenberg’s recipe in her memoir “Delancey," this pileup of rice noodles and thinly sliced vegetables in a tangy-sweet dressing is exactly what we want in warm weather.

Harissa Chicken Noodle Lettuce Cups. Chicken salad, but make it with a vermicelli noodle twist! Spicy harissa punches up the flavor here.

Ginger-Orange Broccoli and Noodles. Thick rice noodles are the best way to capture the tasty citrusy sauce in this recipe.

Vermicelli Noodles With Turmeric and Tofu. Turmeric dyes translucent vermicelli noodles deep golden for a stunning and delicious vegetarian main.

Carrot and Cilantro Noodle Soup. Use any type of rice noodle you like for this super-light soup with creamy coconut milk.

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