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G. Daniela Galarza writes: “Fried potatoes are one of mankind’s greatest inventions, but deep-frying at home can be as fussy and fretful as clipping a frantic cat’s claws.” Who hasn’t been splattered with a bit of hot oil and discouraged by the resulting messy stove?

Galarza experimented by making the air-fryer fries, pictured above. For that recipe, click here. (She’s tucked an oven-fry recipe in there as well.) It’s not as messy, but it’s not her favorite method for making fries. For that, check out her Cold-Fried French Fries recipes, pictured below, and featured in her Eat Voraciously newsletter.

We’ve experimented with lots of other kinds of fries, such as Sumac Sweet Potato Fries and Smoked Paprika Oven Fries.

This week, readers offered their suggestion for fries, including popping the cut potatoes in the microwave before frying. We plan to try it.

Another good tip from a readers: Try halloumi in place of feta in the popular TikTok Baked Feta Pasta recipe. We plan to try that, too.

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