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Recipes for a ‘Ted Lasso’ watch party: Shortbread, iced tea cocktails and more

Proper British Shortbread. (Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post/Food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post.)

Warning: Minor spoilers about “Ted Lasso” Season 1 below.

I was embarrassingly late to the “Ted Lasso” fan club, but now that I’m in, I’m ALL IN. There’s a reason viewers have fallen in love with the feel-good Apple TV Plus series about an American brought in to coach a British Premier League football (soccer) club, the fictional AFC Richmond. In fact, many reasons.

The humor, which manages to be heartwarming and wacky, has something for everyone. Naturally, I especially appreciate the jokes about and references to food. To prepare for the show’s second season, which debuts July 23, I combed the first season’s 10 episodes and our archives for some appropriately themed recipes for when you sit down to watch.

Proper British Shortbread. This is the most significant plot point related to food, with Ted (Jason Sudeikis) winning over Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), his saboteur-turned-confidante boss, thanks in part to his daily “biscuits with the boss.” Spoiler: He lovingly makes the shortbread himself. Based on a quick on-screen appearance at an Apple event, Internet sleuths have decided the recipe is part of one from Melissa Clark at the New York Times, but I think Ted and Rebecca would also enjoy the superb one I shared from British baking legend Mary Berry.

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A Pear-tridge in a Chai Tea. “You know, I always figured that tea would taste like hot brown water. And you know what? I was right. That’s horrible, no thank you,” Ted tells Rebecca in his trademark honest but unfailingly polite manner. Would adding vodka, ginger ale and pear nectar and liqueur to chilled chai help? Maybe! Or perhaps Ted should exercise his baking chops with Mary Berry’s Orange Tea Bread.

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Molten Peanut Butter Chocolate Cakes. Ted likes to leave an open jar of peanut butter on his counter so he can dip a finger in when he walks by. These molten cakes with a peanut butter center are a more elegant and, uh, sanitary way to get a PB fix.

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Kansas City-Style Barbecue Sauce. Going through a care package sent by his son, Ted pulls out a bottle of Arthur Bryant’s barbecue sauce, from Kansas City, Mo. Then in a pivotal dart game several episodes later, he says “barbecue sauce” as he nails the bull’s eye. Ted actually hails from the other side of the border, in Kansas, but clearly barbecue love goes beyond state lines. So Ted would probably love this sauce, especially if used on some ribs or Classic Barbecue Chicken.

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White Sangria With Peaches and Raspberries. Ted is so unsuspecting and trusting, he never expects bubbles in his water. Season 1 is bookended by two spit-takes when he takes a sip of the sparkling stuff. Seems like he could use a drink anyway, so maybe let’s whip up a batch of this sangria, as long as we warn him first that it has “fizzy water in there.”

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Curry Chicken With Red Hot Pepper Sauce. While still trying to tank the team to get back at her horrible ex-husband, Rebecca arranges for a skeptical reporter — “Trent Crimm, the Independent” — to spend a day with Ted, assuming he’ll skewer the unsuspecting coach who’s still figuring out the offside rule. Shocker: Crimm instead finds himself charmed by, and rooting for, the earnest American. One of the key moments of this transformation involves Ted eating lots of extremely spicy restaurant food to avoid embarrassing the owners. If Ted ever needs to prove his mettle again, the red hot pepper sauce in this Jamaican curry recipe is *flame emoji.*

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