What’s better than a cookie? Two cookies, sandwiched together with a filling. Yes, today we’re giving you sandwich cookies, from teeny-tiny, to extra-large, with tasty fillings to keep the two halves together, in structure and in flavor.

Below, we’ve pulled together some tasty sandwich cookies — you’ll find spins on classics, fun nostalgic recipes and even an ice cream sandwich, because why not? If none of these satisfy your cookie cravings, search for sandwich cookies in our Recipe Finder.

Cannoli Ice Cream Sandwiches, pictured above. Cannoli? In cookie form? PLUS ice cream? This is a project recipe; straightforward, but with many steps, so save this for when you need a real treat.

Alfajores (Cornstarch Cookies With Dulce de Leche). These delicate, melt-in-your-mouth cookies are bound together with dulce de leche. Yum!

Corn Linzer Cookies. Take a classic Linzer cookie, and complement the fruity jam with the subtle sweetness of corn flour.

Classic Chocolate Whoopie Pies. Soft, caky cookies with a sweet marshmallow fluff filling. What more could you want? If you prefer a chewy texture instead of a caky one, make Brownie Sandwich Cookies.

Mini Cherry-Vanilla Sherbet Sandwiches. Nourish columnist Ellie Krieger loves cherry-vanilla, and whipped up these tiny two-bite sherbet sandwiches to harness that classic flavor.

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