There’s one appliance I don’t have in my kitchen that I really, really wish I did: a blender. My food processor is certainly great and I use it often to make biscuits and nut butter and salsa, but when I stubbornly insisted I didn’t need a blender, I discounted the value it can have.

The list of recipes below are all the things I wish I had a blender for, which is to say, recipes for which having a blender is the key to success. You’ll see recipes ranging from sauces to smoothies to soups both cold and hot.

Blender Hollandaise Sauce, pictured above. Creamy sauces come to life in a blender, which can add air at high speeds to get you the thick, creamy, fluffy texture that can make or break a dish. And when I say break, I mean literally, as this sauce can break (come apart) without speedy whipping and a steady, slow drizzle of oil.

Oat Milk. I recently tried to make almond milk with my food processor. It didn’t work. You’ll want a blender for making alt-milks, like this creamy, dreamy oat milk.

Almond Gazpacho With Cherries and Flowers. In warm weather, a classic tomato gazpacho is an easy go-to item. But what about this gorgeous ajo blanco, white gazpacho? First, it’s visually stunning. Second, it’s cold. It’s a win-win! You’ll also need a blender for this Ravioli and Asparagus in Toasted Almond Broth, which has a similar vibe.

Green Smoothie With Yogurt, Pear and Ginger. When it’s really hot outside, my appetite dies. But one must still eat, and that’s why I miss making smoothies such as this one with spinach, yogurt, nuts, ginger, dates and sweet, ripe pear for those days when all I can do is sit still so as not to overheat. Need more smoothies? Try a White Sands Smoothie, Blueberry Banana Smoothie With Chia or Berry Almond Smoothie.

Blender Dutch Babies. Whip up the simple batter with a blender, then pour into a preheated skillet for a beautiful breakfast with ease.

Cherry Clafoutis. Let’s talk about another blender batter: clafoutis! Whip this together in the blender, then pour over cherries in your skillet and bake. Yum! One more blender batter for your repertoire: Cacio e Pepe Popovers.

Fast Blender Tomato Soup With Cheese Crisps. You always, always need a simple, classic tomato soup recipe for when dinner is an afterthought. A short ingredient list means that this soup can happen anytime. You can either just make the soup or amp it up with cheese crisps for texture.

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