Are you using enough nutty, melty Gruyere?

This sweet, subtly salty cheese from Switzerland has a lot going for it. It melts beautifully, giving you the stretchy cheese pulls of your dreams, and you can get a wide variety of flavor depending on its age, from creamy and mild to more pungent and complex.

Slice it up and eat as is, or scroll on below for some excellent recipes featuring Gruyere.

Classic Swiss Fondue, pictured above. We said melty and we meant it. Use a whole bunch of Gruyere, or a mix with other recommended cheeses, and dunk away.

Cheesy Ham Bake With Spicy Fried Eggs. This make-ahead casserole takes inspiration from a croque madame, a classic French sandwich.

Fast French Onion Soup. Another French favorite: French onion soup! Burnished onions, a beautiful broth and bubbling cheese on top.

Cheesy Lemon-Rosemary Artichoke Dip. This is a decadent snack or appetizer, and Gruyere is a major factor in the flavor here.

Savory Cake With Ham, Cheese and Herbs. Sometimes when you go to a picnic, it can be hard to think of a savory item that can travel well and serve up beautifully. Enter this savory loaf studded with ham, Gruyere and herbs.

Sourdough Gruyere Popovers. If you’re looking for a new way to use your sourdough starter, make these fluffy, cheesy popovers.

Pepperoni and Potato Pizza. Gruyere, potatoes, pizza — perfect.

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