The second summer heat lets up, I’m ready for soup. But it’s still much too warm for the super-heavy ones, so I put together a list of lighter fall soups for the earlier part of the season.

Below, you’ll find mostly vegetarian options, and both creamy and chunky concoctions. Remember, if these aren’t the soups for you, you can look for more in our Recipe Finder — just change the course to “soup” and hit search!

Any Vegetable Instant Pot Soup, pictured above. Keep it simple! Pick a medley of any vegetables you like (you’ll find suggestions in the recipe), and follow these simple steps for a smooth, delicious soup.

Chilled Creamy Zucchini Soup With Tarragon. Transition into fall with this zucchini soup, perfect for the still-warm late-summer days.

Chunky Vegetable Soup. The broth in this soup is based on water. Chef Jacques Pépin says it’s the key to having the flavor of the vegetables shine through.

Mushroom and Black Bean Tortilla Soup. This vegetarian black bean soup is an excellent idea for a chilly evening.

Restorative Chicken and Rice Soup. While this soup takes a while to make, you can freeze it — “broth and shredded chicken frozen separately” writes editor Olga Massov — for days when you need a cozy, healing meal.

Vegetable Wonton Soup. Veggie-filled wontons gently drift in this fragrant, flavorful broth — yum!

Butternut Squash and Pear Soup. Slip sweet pear into this soup for a new way to enjoy butternut squash.

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