Thin, crispy phyllo is a must-have for your freezer, because it can unlock so many recipes. It’s easy to use and is adaptable for sweet and savory dishes alike.

The simple dough is stretched super thin, so you can get gorgeous, flaky layers. Make sure to brush butter or oil between them to ensure distinct separation and maximum crunch, and get to cooking! Not seeing the recipe you want? Search for “phyllo” in our Recipe Finder.

Chicken Pot Pie With Phyllo, pictured above. A comforting filling is topped with thin, crispy phyllo.

Cherry Phyllo Turnovers. Wrap up a cherry filling in phyllo, for a light take on turnovers. Or, if you like, try Creamy Roasted Strawberry Phyllo Triangles or Apple-Ginger Phyllo Turnovers.

Phyllo Galette with Butternut Squash, Feta and Olives. If you have leftover roasted squash, this is an excellent use for it. Layer phyllo into the foundation for this glamorous, seasonal tart.

Lamb and Phyllo Cigars. Fried phyllo guarantees crunch. A filling of lamb and pine nuts pairs well with the sumac, mint and yogurt dipping sauce.

Spanakopita Pie. A fabulous way to get your greens! You could trade in greens for zucchini and make a Zucchini Pie (Kolokithopita), if that’s what you prefer.

Easy Kadaifi With Walnuts and Almonds. This dessert with shredded phyllo gets you the crunch you love with a sweet, aromatic syrup.

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