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This week we chatted about this indispensable cooking tool: the humble sheet pan. In the chat we included a quick poll to ask readers how often they use the pan, more than 60 percent said at least once a week.

The sheet pan can be the key to cutting time and effort in a recipe — and outside of it. With only one pan for cleanup, you can avoid a pile-up in the dishwasher. You can make all the components for a single dish and let flavors mingle, like this entire small-batch meal, like the Sheet Pan Chicken With Hasselback Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts pictured above, or the fillings for fajitas.

Breakfast, in the form of this adaptable Sheet Pan Frittata, is so convenient, especially if feeding a crowd. And, a sheet pan recipe doesn’t have to be savory — you can even make dessert like these Easy Sheet Pan Cookies.

Readers shared their tips and favorites. Read the transcript below.

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