Sometimes I see someone with a cappuccino and miss drinking coffee. People love coffee for a reason! It’s not just about the boost of caffeine, but also about the fun ways you can drink it.

We’ve got iced coffee, frothy coffee, coffee cocktails and, yes, hot coffee, too. What are you waiting for? Scroll below to find your new favorite coffee drink, and if you’re not seeing the right one for you, head on over to our Recipe Finder, type in “coffee” and hit search.

Shakerato, pictured above. This is essentially an iced espresso, with a touch of sugar. You can use this as the base for other drinks, like a Sparkling Coffee.

Coffee Frappe. The original coffee frappe comes from Greece and is usually made with instant coffee. This version has you infusing ground beans. Want something similarly fluffy and frothy? Make Dalgona Coffee, a recipe that went viral on TikTok in 2020.

Irish Coffee Martini. It’s Irish coffee meets espresso martini. You could also make a regular Irish Coffee, or make a Frozen “Irish Coffee.”

Low-Tech Pour-Over Coffee. Reporter Tim Carman loves coffee, especially the ritual of a pour-over, and is here to walk you through the process.

Iced Avocado and Coffee Drink (Es Alpukat). If you’re bored of avocado toast, make a refreshing, creamy avocado coffee drink instead.

Grace O’Malley. Named after a pirate, this cocktail relies on coffee liqueur for a punch of flavor.

Boozy Hot Chocolate. What’s better than a rich hot chocolate? One spiked with rum and coffee liqueur.

Iced Mocha. A delicious mocha is a treat, so how about an iced one? Like a chocolate milk, really, but for grown-ups.

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