Smooth brie is a popular guest on a cheese board. Originally from the Brie region of France, this creamy cheese with mild, buttery notes is wonderfully rich and even sports an edible (quite tasty) rind.

Usually made from cow’s and, sometimes, goat’s milk, varieties of brie are sometimes made with extra cream, which end up being ultra-creamy and luxurious. The cheese’s neutral flavor allows it to pair with a wide range of sweet accoutrements, such as honey and jam, and it fits well in savory dishes, such as sandwiches, too. You can also warm up brie in the oven, where it will get irresistibly oozy and delicious.

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Baked Brie. Few can resist a baked brie. There are a few different ways to do it, but this one is a great place to start, with a delicious pastry shell, garlic and honey to round out the experience. You could also spin off and make everybody their own individual baked brie with these Gooey Chicken, Brie and Cranberry Pies.

Sheet Pan Frittata. Soft brie adds a richness to this simple frittata that you can slice neatly and pile into a breakfast sandwich.

Pear, Brie and Arugula Quesadillas. Melty brie in a quesadilla? Yes, please! Crisp pear and peppery arugula round out the experience.

Everything Spice Dutch Baby With Brie. What’s better than a Dutch baby? A Dutch baby piled high with brie and sprinkled with everything spice.

Fig and Brie Omelets. More breakfast! Stuff an omelet with gooey brie and seasonal figs for a sensational morning nosh.

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