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Save the best for last? We don’t think so! Especially when desserts are one of the best things to prepare ahead of time to save you some stress on arguably the biggest food holiday in the United States.

G. Daniela Galarza’s plan? Tassies! Mini pies can help you stress less on the perfect lattice, and if various guests have particular tastes, the individual servings mean you can tailor your tassie fillings to their preferences. She’s got recipes for lemon, buttermilk chess, cranberry, chocolate, apple crumble, pecan and pumpkin, so you can pick which filling you like best for the simple crust.

Last year, we published an interactive build-your-own-pie feature with crust, filling and topping recipes to mix and match from Erin Jeanne McDowell if you want a big, beautiful pie.

And what if you aren’t really a pie person? No worries, we’ll discuss other toppings too. Let’s talk dessert!

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