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Mashed, roasted, crispy or cheesy: Our best potato recipes for your Thanksgiving table

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The mighty potato — orange and sweet, or creamy, white and fluffy — has a well-deserved place in a traditional Thanksgiving spread. Mashed potatoes are the ideal vessel for gravy. Crispy roasted potatoes add texture and flavor. And sweet potatoes can offset a savory plate.

Whether sweet or savory, mashed or crunchy, classic or newfangled, versatile potatoes can salvage any day, and we’ll happily celebrate them in all forms.

Below, you’ll find some great spud ideas for your Thanksgiving table. For even more potatoes, head to our Recipe Finder.

Cheddar Potato Gratin, above. If you’re in search of a cheesy potato recipe, you’ve hit the jackpot. You can use any cheddar that fits your budget, from shredded bagged to a fine aged, hand-grated block.

How to make better mashed potatoes — just the way you like them

Sweet Potato Casserole (a Makeover). Sometimes, a sweet potato casserole can be a little too sweet, burying the potatoes’ natural sugars. Nutritionist Ellie Krieger says that if you’re going to add sugar, add one with flavor, such as maple syrup. This recipe cuts down the sweetness and adds nuts on top for some textural variation.

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Bruce’s Yam Mallow Casserole With Pineapple and Cinnamon. A couple years ago, Becky Krystal was on a mission to improve back-of-the-package recipes, and she turned this marshmallow-topped casserole from just okay to extra delicious with a little acidity from canned pineapple and warmth from cinnamon. The marshmallows on top are optional, if you prefer a less-sweet casserole.

Turn back-of-the-package recipes into a memorable Thanksgiving meal with these simple upgrades

Essential Mashed Potatoes. With this exceedingly simple base, you can get as fancy — or not! — with your mashed potatoes as you please.

Garlicky Roast Potato Mash. Since your oven is already on, roast your potatoes, then mash, for a super-flavorful dish. By adding a head of garlic to your roasting tray, you’ll have mellow, nuanced, soft garlic ready to throw in.

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Mashed Potatoes With Manchego and Olive Oil. Instead of butter, these flavorful potatoes from chef José Andrés rely on cheese and olive oil for richness.

The Thanksgiving sheet-pan plan

Puerto Rican Potato Salad. If you love potato salad with your holiday meal, then this recipe with pops of sweet (apple), salty (olives) and savory (adobo seasoning) flavors is the one for you to try this year.

Hasselback Potatoes. Thanksgiving gives you the opportunity to make extra-special sides, such as these beautiful, buttery, crispy-edged Hasselback potatoes.

This whole herb-roasted chicken with Hasselback potatoes is a holiday-ready sheet-pan dinner

Ember-Grilled Sweet Potatoes With Dukkah and Lemon Yogurt. For anyone planning to head outdoors to prepare their holiday meal, throw some sweet potatoes on the fire while you’re at it for this easy, smoky side.

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Pommes Anna. Want a glamorous dish that requires minimal effort? Thinly sliced potatoes, layered and brushed with butter, make a gorgeous dish where the potato slices curl up like flower petals. Serve it straight from the pan.

How to make crispy, golden potatoes, every time

Potato Roasties. If you prefer your potatoes crispy, make them extra-crispy. These are audibly crunchy with the fluffiest interiors.