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It’s time for the big one: our special, 2-hour long Thanksgiving Q&A chat, that is! We’re here with special guests for the holiday season:

Dan Souza, the editor in chief of Cooks Illustrated Magazine

Kristen Hartke, food writer and recipe developer

Shauna C. Henley, PhD, from University of Maryland’s Department of Food and Nutrition

Dan and Kristen can help you iron out all your last-minute menu details, from cook times to flavor tweaks. Shauna is an expert on food safety — if you’re worried about your turkey not defrosting in time, she’ll know how to safely get you to where you need to go.

As usual, your friendly neighborhood food section staff is also here to help! Visit our Thanksgiving FAQs answered roundup and check out our wine advice, if you like. Or, just fire away — we’re here to help T-day go smoothly.

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