When we talk about Thanksgiving leftovers, we so often talk about how to repurpose turkey (sandwiches), stuffing (waffles) and cranberry sauce (baked goods). But what happens when you’ve also bought too many of the ingredients for your feast? On top of your leftovers, you also have an extra pile of potatoes, a bag of onions, celery and more.

We pulled a selection of recipes using those ingredients in ways you might not consider, so you can use them up, and get different flavors on the table while you work your way through the remains of your T-day feast.

Braised Celery With Olives, Pine Nuts and Breadcrumbs, pictured above. Got celery sitting in the crisper? Instead of using it like a flavoring agent, treat it like the main dish and make this gorgeous braised celery. If you have extra breadcrumbs from topping your mac and cheese, you can use them here, too.

Onion Mushroom Tarte Tatin. Got extra mushrooms from appetizers or gravy? Got bags and bags of onions? Make this tarte tatin.

Collard Greens and Potato Soup With Chile Oil. If you have extra greens and extra potatoes, this soup is the answer. A little spice will feel invigorating after the rich feast. If you actually have additional sweet potatoes, instead of regular, make Southern Collard and Sweet Potato Hash.

Green Bean Salad With Potatoes, Capers and Eggs. If you didn’t end up using all your green beans, this bright and filling salad will help you get through them (and extra potatoes).

Chili Corn Pancakes. If you bought a few too many bags of frozen corn, use them up in these spiced, savory pancakes. Or make Corn and Chorizo Tacos.

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