Hanukkah is underway and that means it is time to dig into some our favorite dishes associated with the Jewish festival of lights, which began at sundown on Sunday and continues through Dec. 6.

Traditionally, the festival holiday is a time to enjoy fried foods, which symbolizes the miracle of oil that was supposed to only last for one night but instead burned for eight. So, here are eight recipes from classic to perhaps new-to-you.

Classic Potato Latkes, pictured above. Crispy, lacy latkes a la editor Olga Massov. They’ll blow your mind.

Yellow Split Pea Fritters (Paruppu Vadai or “Dalafel”). These are ultra-crunchy and flavored with spices and curry leaves to make them a delicious savory addition to your spread.

Crispy Herbed Falafel. Crispy and flavored with fresh herbs, these falafel are simpler than you think!

Crispy Sesame Chicken Schnitzel. This crispy sesame schnitzel will be a hit beyond Hanukkah; it might also become part of your dinner rotation.

Vanilla-Glazed Brioche Doughnuts. Ok yes, these do use a whole 1/2 cup of vanilla extract, plus vanilla beans. But they’re so fluffy and powerfully perfumed, you’ll see why they’re worth it. You’ll also find instructions in these doughnuts for making tweaks, so you can use the dough to make whatever flavor you like best.

Bomboloni. Soft little bites full of citrusy zest — yum!

Quick Hanukkah Doughnuts. Fluffy, golden brown doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar? Yes, please!

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