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It’s the best time of the year: cookie season! It’s time to talk holiday baking with your friendly neighborhood Food team, and friends. Becky Krystal, our cookie maestro, is here with cookie tips to have every batch looking (and tasting) perfect. Then, check out our holiday picks, 12 bright and cheerful numbers to close out the year with a flourish.

Joining us are three of our cookie issue contributors:

Vallery Lomas, winner of “Great American Baking Show” and cookbook author, with her festive Red Velvet Santa Hats

Emily Nejad, Chicago baking instructor and custom cake baker, with towering Saltine S’mores (complete with homemade marshmallow fluff)

Tara O’Brady, Toronto cookbook author, with glamorous (but simple) Fig and Ginger Terrazzo Tiles With Disco Sugar.

Got questions about baking? About ingredient swaps? About how to incorporate new flavors? We’re here to help!

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