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Recipes for 1 or 2, with little to no leftovers

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When you’re cooking for just yourself, you may not enjoy tons of leftovers to work your way through the week. That’s okay! We’ve got tons of special ideas for dinner that will yield just 1 or 2 servings.

Make sure to check out Becky Krystal’s tips for cooking efficiently when it’s just you, and check out the recipes below for some inspiration. And, if you like to have some building blocks prepped for reusing in different ways during the week, look through this list of batch recipes and this article with recipes to build meals from.

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With no further ado, see below for some low-yield recipes so you aren’t stuck with huge servings to freeze.

Thai Red Curry Salmon Stew, pictured above. This one’s a two-parter and falls under one of our favorite principles for cooking: prepping useful components in advance. Make Smoky Roasted Vegetables, then use 1/2 cup of them to make this flavorful, simple stew. You can easily scale down the roasted veggie recipe, refrigerate for three days or freeze to use later. Once you have them, you can then use them as the base of a salad, for a galette and so much more.

Mahi Mahi With Braised Celery. Sometimes, you want something special. This dish has a gorgeous, olive-briny vegetable base and gently cooked mahi-mahi. If you’re looking for a similarly special fish dish, you may enjoy Broiled Salmon With Mint Relish, which can be easily halved from two servings to just one.

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Better Than Instant Ramen. Other times, you just want to get some food fast. Gussy up your packet ramen with veggies and a few sauces for something quick and low-effort. This Pantry Ramen, with a slice of melty cheese and rich coconut would also hit the spot.

Grilled Kimcheese. What about decadent but also quick? With just five ingredients (and an optional sixth: hot sauce, if you need things spicier), this gooey, spicy, crunchy sandwich is easy to put together, truly delicious and is a twist on a comfort food classic.

Ochazuke. This light, brothy dish will warm you from head to toe. This recipe makes two servings, so either halve the recipe or store the broth separately from the add-ins.

Double Mango Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich. Sometimes all you want or need is a darn good sandwich. This one will remind you of summer.

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Extra-Stuffed Veggie Burritos. These burritos are packed full of flavor and veggies. Have one now and then save extra filling for a breakfast burrito the next morning.

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