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Dining Out Q & A: What D.C. restaurants do you miss most?

Thanks for joining my every-Wednesday-at-11 a.m. dining discussion, where I’m happy to address your restaurant-related questions and comments. I like to keep the format broad and open; recent Q&As have touched on a scathing restaurant review out of Italy, how inexperienced eaters can learn to dine, and what restaurants to hit in D.C. before moving away.

Got an etiquette question? Want to know where to find a favorite dish, where to eat in another city, or which restaurants are requiring proof of vaccination? I aim to field those questions, too, occasionally with an assist from some of the smart chatters who frequent this hour-long discussion.

So ask a question below now and meet me here Wednesday at 11 a.m. In the meantime, check out my favorite places to eat right now — and snag a reservation.

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