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6 noodle soups to slurp when you’re feeling under the weather

(Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post; food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)
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All the waves of illness floating around this time of year mean you need a certain something: noodle soups. Broth to keep that hydration up, noodles for energy, and any number of flavor combinations to hit the spot.

Whether you like your soups spicy (or just spiced) or infused with an herbaceous touch, vegetarian or one of the many variations of chicken noodle soup, we’re going to find the right soup for you. If you’re not a soup person, then scoot on over to our Recipe Finder to find something you do like or stay tuned — you’ll get your non-soup sick-day meals soon. I promise.

Scroll on for all kinds of noodles!

Winter Minestrone, pictured above. A few clever spice touches — cinnamon, clove and black pepper — will astound you with the level of depth and warmth in this soup.

Thukpa. With aromatics such as ginger and garlic, plus colorful veggies, this chicken noodle soup is sure to delight.

7 chicken soup recipes good for the soul — and stomach

Vegan Ramen Bowls. Make a flavorful bowl of ramen with a homemade touch. Or keep it simple with Pantry Ramen. And, of course, you could add a Marinated Ramen Egg to make it extra filling.

Italian Wedding Soup. Spoonfuls of flavorful little meatballs and small pasta are sure to fill you up and warm you from head to toe.

Green Lentil Soup With Noodles. You can use thin angel hair pasta or thicker fettuccine in this simple, lentil-packed soup.

7 slurpable noodle soup recipes to keep you cozy

Persian Noodle Soup (Ashe-Reshteh). This bean-packed soup is ideal for vegetarians. A warm, golden veggie broth and herbs, such as dill and mint, will make this a treat.

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