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7 food processor recipes to help you make dips, cookies, soup and more

White Bean Dip With Lemony Pesto and Crudités. (Scott Suchman for The Washington Post/food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)

I’ve had my food processor for more than a decade, and it’s a workhorse. I use it so often and, apparently, so emphatically that the “pulse” button has disintegrated. As I’ve said here before, the food processor may be the closest thing to a sous chef most of us will ever have at home.

This kitchen appliance is no one-trick pony. In seconds, it can chop vegetables that would have taken much longer to do by hand. It can uniformly and thinly slice others. Smooth dips and soups? Yes, that, too. You’re also missing out if you’re not using your food processor to make pie dough, pizza dough, cookies and even cheesecake. Here are a variety of sweet and savory dishes from our archives that prove the versatility of the home cooking staple.

Meet your new sous-chef: The food processor

White Bean Dip With Lemony Pesto and Crudités, above. The food processor gets a double workout in this hummus-inspired dip. First, you make a simple basil pesto, then rinse out the bowl to whir together the dip made with canned beans and tahini. For more pesto options, check out Basil-Cashew Pesto and Classic Basil Pesto.

Speedy Homemade Hummus. Speaking of hummus, it will take you about five minutes of work to make this recipe. One of the keys to a lighter texture is making a well-whipped tahini sauce in the food processor before you add the canned chickpeas.

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Chunky Vegetable Soup. If the food processor is good enough for Jacques Pépin, it’s good enough for us. You’ll get your money’s worth with this light soup that is an ideal dish when you still want a bowl of comfort even as the weather starts to warm up.

Crispy Herbed Falafel. The food processor is essential for falafel recipes like this one, which starts with dried, soaked chickpeas. The appliance makes it easy to break them down, along with heaps of herbs and onion. See also Baked Falafel.

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Overnight New York-Style Cheesecake. Dessert, anyone? My cheesecake, baked low and slow, uses the food processor to make the crust and the filling, which turns super-smooth in just a minute or two.

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Kisses. Food processors excel at grinding nuts. That’s helpful in these sandwich cookies, which are a riff on Italian baci di dama. Chow-chow, or a sweetened nut paste, also comes together well in the food processor, which you’ll see in Panettone Bostock, a handy recipe for leftover bread and a wide variety of nuts.

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Grilled Hot Links With Chow-Chow. Here, the food processor is essential for finely chopping the ingredients for the chow-chow, a tangy-sweet relish enhanced with pickled vegetables and spices.