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For Earth Day, ask us your kitchen sustainability questions

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Every Wednesday at noon, Food section staff members and guests answer your cooking questions. You can submit a question in advance in the box below. Just remember to return when we’re live, or read the transcript after the chat ends.

This chat falls just before Earth Day, April 22, so let’s talk about what we’re doing in the kitchen to cut down on waste and generally be more sustainable where we can. Ask us about our own tips and strategies, and feel free to offer your own. We’re also announcing a change to this chat that will take effect in two weeks; we’re excited to share with you what’s to come.

Today we’re joined by Rachael Jackson, journalist and founder of Eat or Toss, where you can find lots of information on mitigating food waste. We’re also welcoming Priyanka Naik, TikTok star, cookbook author and writer of Ecokitchen, an eight-week newsletter series from The Post launching May 5 in which Naik will provide guidance on becoming a more climate-conscious cook. Sign up for that here.

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And let’s get chatting!

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