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Dining Q&A: Why is it so hard to book a solo reservation?

Every Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET, Tom Sietsema answers your quetions about dining out. (For The Washington Post)
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Thanks for joining my every-Wednesday-at-11 a.m. dining discussion. I’m here to answer your restaurant-related questions and solve your dining dilemmas, like how to best switch tables in the middle of a meal or what to do if the server doesn’t pour all the contents of a bottle of wine.

I like to keep the format broad and open; recent Q&As have touched on tales of misbehaving dogs, when to let restaurants know about dietary restrictions and sticker shock on menus.

Got an etiquette question? Want to know where to find a favorite dish? Or where to eat in another city? I aim to field those questions, too, occasionally with an assist from some of the smart chatters who frequent this hour-long discussion.

Meet me here Wednesday at 11 a.m. Eastern. You can find all of my reviews and past Q&As here.

Send us your question below. Your question may be edited for accuracy and clarity.