Dig into our best pudding recipes, including chocolate and butterscotch

Butterscotch Pudding. (Rey Lopez for The Washington Post/Food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post )

I’ve been on a pudding kick lately. It started on a recent vacation when my son was introduced to dirt cups: Chocolate pudding, crumbled Oreos, gummy worms and, the piece de resistance of this particular version, chocolate rocks. Then, because I’m the kind of mom who likes to win over their offspring with food (okay, and other things), I agreed to make this particular treat at home.

Thus commenced a couple of rounds of chocolate pudding, and then I started thinking about this dessert a lot more. I’ve long since gotten over my textural aversion to pudding — the overly gelatinous cups sold in stores that I associated with being sick as a kid can do that to you — and have come to appreciate its many merits. Pudding can be simple and nostalgic, or elegant and modern. It’s made largely from pantry and refrigerator staples, is easy to scale up and can hang out in the fridge for a few days. Some are even vegan.

Pudding takes well to a variety of flavors. Here’s a roundup of recipes from our archives, including options with chocolate, fruit and more.

Butterscotch Pudding

Pictured above. There’s a little legwork involved in making the pudding with its caramel base, but I can assure you every minute is worth it. The sauce and the whipped cream turn this into a dessert worthy of a dinner party. Still, even if you only make the pudding, you’ll be more than satisfied with its salty-sweet flavor and silky texture. Get the recipe.

Lemon Pudding With Blueberry Whipped Cream

The classic fruit pairing here features a creamy lemon pudding combined with a blueberry compote that’s folded into the whipped cream and also drizzled on top. Get the recipe.

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Double Chocolate Pudding

This leaner recipe is no less luscious and chocolaty, thanks to cocoa powder and dark chocolate. Get the recipe.

Goat Milk Pudding and Poached Quince With Rose Water

Goat milk and goat sour cream bring lovely tang to this dessert, though you can swap in regular whole milk and sour cream, if desired. And if you can’t find quince, feel free to use a different fruit compote or preserves. Get the recipe.

Banana Pudding Cups

Banana pudding is a retro favorite, and this lighter version leans on milk, maple syrup and whole-wheat graham crackers. Get the recipe.

Georgian Sweet Grape Puddings (Pelamushi)

Concord juice gives the puddings the boldest color, though you can also use purple or white grape juice. Get the recipe.

Berry Cloud Chia Pudding

Coconut milk and chia seeds thicken this dairy-free recipe that comes together easily in a blender. Frozen berries help make it a year-round possibility. Get the recipe.

Cacao Chia Pudding

This recipe is vegan as well, thanks to chia and cashews. Instead of refined sugar, dates bring the sweetness. Get the recipe.


An earlier version of this article said the Berry Chia Pudding is vegan, but it is not, as it contains honey. This version has been updated.