12 sweet and savory pie recipes for Pi Day festivities

Zesty Apple Pie (Scott Suchman for The Washington Post/food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)

“Secant, tangent, cosine, sine! Three point one four one five nine!”

That was the cheer used at the math and science high school I attended during sports games. The chant did two things: Expressed pride in our nerd-dom — I legitimately love math — and taught me the first five decimal places of pi. For the math-averse, pi is an irrational number (as in can’t be represented by a fraction) used in geometry formulas, such as the area of a circle. While I was able to correctly recite pi to the eighth decimal place just now (humble brag), it is often shortened to just two: 3.14. Hence, Pi Day is celebrated on March 14.

Taking into account the mathematical constant’s relation to circles and it being a homonym to pie, one of the best ways to honor the holiday is to bake and eat pies. Should you like to celebrate, here are 12 recipes from our database to get your sweet or savory pie fix.

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Peanut Butter Brownie Pie With a Pretzel Crust

The name alone sold me on this recipe. A peanut butter brownie baked inside a pretzel crust — what’s not to love? Get the recipe.

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Roasted Tomato Pie With Cheddar-Parmesan Crust

While I generally wouldn’t recommend making a tomato dish out of season, I’ll make an exception for this one. That’s because the first step is to roast the tomatoes, which helps to intensify their flavor. On top of that, the cheddar-parmesan pie crust, plus the cheese filling, pack this recipe with tons of flavor, no matter the time of year. Get the recipe.

Banana Split Sundae Pie

This no-bake pie channels the flavors of the beloved classic sundae. You can make your own caramel sauce or save time by using store-bought. Get the recipe.

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Chicken Pot Pie With Phyllo

This recipe relies on phyllo dough to save you from the hassle of making a traditional pie crust. If you don’t plan to serve this all at once, refrigerate the filling and then assemble and bake the pot pies the second or third day for the best texture. Get the recipe.

Zesty Apple Pie

What makes an apple pie “zesty”? When there’s ground ginger, black pepper and a good glug of bourbon in the filling in addition to the more traditional flavorings of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Get the recipe.

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Spanakopita Pie

Store-bought phyllo dough forms the crust for this pie, making it great for those who don’t want to worry about a traditional pie crust. This open-faced pie is filled with spinach, herbs and tangy feta cheese. Get the recipe.

Brown Butter Pecan Pie

Extra nutty thanks to brown butter and with just the right level of sweetness, this is the pecan pie of my dreams. One taste, and you’ll be dreaming about it too. Get the recipe.

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Vegetable Pot Pie

This vegan pot pie recipe relies on miso to add a hit of umami to the filling, and includes beans for extra protein. You can make your own vegan pie crust using vegan butter in the related recipe for Flaky Pie Dough or save time with a store-bought one. Get the recipe.

Sweet Potato Pie With Macaroon Crust

This sweet potato pie recipe features a press-in crust starring almond and shredded coconut. If you like, top the pie with flaked coconut and crystallized ginger for an extra punch of flavor (and to cover any cracks that may develop on the surface). Get the recipe.

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Curried Chicken Pie

The filling for this recipe features chicken and vegetables in a basic curry sauce. Then use it to make “a deep dish round pie, a rectangular, shallow slab pie, or to make a lot of chubby turnovers,” cookbook author Cathy Barrow wrote. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Cream Pie

To me, chocolate cream pie is the epitome of the diner dessert case of yesteryear. Though simple, bad versions abound, so food writer Allison Robicelli set out to make a great one. Get the recipe.

Cornish Pasties

For a portable snack or meal, turn to these hand pies that have been made for centuries in Cornwall, England. This recipe features beef, potatoes, onions and rutabaga in a sturdy crust. Get the recipe.