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Cooking Q&A: How do I cook without garlic and onions? And more vegetable tips.

Gut-Friendly Garlic and Shallot Oil. (Laura Chase de Formigny for The Washington Post/food styling by Marie Ostrosky for The Washington Post)

Every Wednesday at noon Eastern, Aaron Hutcherson and Becky Krystal provide practical cooking advice that you can’t find on Google. We try to answer questions like “How do I get my pizza dough to roll out easier?” and “What’s the difference between cured and uncured bacon?”

This week they’ll be joined by Hetty Lui McKinnon, a recipe developer, food writer, five-time cookbook author and the architect behind Voraciously’s new Plant Powered II recipe newsletter.

Each edition of the 10-week series will feature two vegan weeknight dinner recipes with substitution suggestions, tips for getting the most out of your ingredients, and a range of easy techniques to add to your cooking repertoire. Sign up for the free Plant Powered II newsletter here.

Aaron and Becky both write and test recipes for Voraciously, The Post’s section dedicated to helping you cook with confidence. We’re hoping this weekly chat will be a lively conversation where you can figure out any issues in the kitchen and identify new recipes for you to try.

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