Reservations, contact tracing and social distance: What to expect at reopened wineries

As we return to wineries for tastings, what can we expect to be the new normal?
(Lukas Pank/Windridge Vineyards)
(Lukas Pank/Windridge Vineyards)

The pandemic bubble may be starting to burst. Celebrate with bubbles all under $20.

RECOMMENDED | Delightful sparklers from France, Italy, Spain and Texas. Yes, Texas.

Peas please! Shelling, snow and snap are at their peak

With the welcoming of fresh pea season, here's what you need to know about how to make the most of the bounty.

Loaded with two types of peas, radishes and mint, this lemony salad sings spring

Two types of peas mingle with crunchy, colorful radishes in a zippy lemony dressing and refreshing mint for a spring salad that's sure to please.

Cooking Q&A: Share your cast iron tips, tricks and all your other cooking questions! (April 21 | 12 p.m. ET)

Send in your questions to The Washington Post Food team, and we’ll help solve your cooking quandaries and share our latest recipes.
  • Just now

Cooking Q&A: Non-alcoholic drinks and all your cooking questions! (April 14 | 12 p.m. ET)

Send in your questions to The Washington Post Food team, and we’ll help solve your cooking quandaries and share our latest recipes.
  • 2 days ago

9 recipes using whole-wheat flour, including bread, pizza dough, cookies and more

Use up whole-wheat flour with these tasty recipes including cookies, pizza dough, bread and more.

Turn to your pantry for this colorful, crispy Spam and pineapple fried rice

The tart sweetness of pineapple paired with salty, umami-filled Spam, packs this pantry-friendly fried rice recipe with tons of flavor.

I made Molly Yeh’s popcorn salad, and it’s easier to swallow than all the Internet vitriol

A video from Food Network's Molly Yeh for popcorn salad elicits immense Internet criticism that it didn't really deserve.

Every cast-iron pan tells a story

Cherished cast-iron cookware has crossed oceans, survived fires and connected generations. These are the stories of your skillets.

6 recipes that use halloumi cheese in all its squeaky, salty glory

How to include halloumi cheese in fresh, summery dishes.

Learn to make cajeta, a Mexican confection with multilayered sweetness and history

You need only a handful of ingredients to make this versatile treat your own.
  • 4 days ago

Get to know your oats, and all the types and ways to eat them

Oats are the versatile, budget-friendly grain everyone should have in their pantry.

4 mashup dishes worth trying in the D.C. area, including pulled-pork pupusas and Chinese burritos

Whether you call them fusion or mashup, they're not oddities -- they're delicious.

Our favorite recipes to bake, roll, stuff and fry tortillas

Grab a flour or corn tortilla and you're already well on your way to a fun and satisfying meal.

Is your favorite imported wine low in stock? Blame the pandemic.

The wine world is not immune to the pandemic supply chain woes.

Toast la dolce vita at brunch by popping open this bottled Bellini cocktail

RECOMMENDED | And if cocktails aren’t your thing, taste two distinct Sonoma pinot noirs, slake your thirst with a French rosé or savor a glass of hearty primitivo.

The best ways to achieve crispy bacon

If it's crispy bacon you're after, these two cooking methods will give it to you.

New limits on food and water at Georgia’s polls could hinder Black and low-income voters, advocates say

Georgia lawmakers say they're trying to prevent politicians and organizations from influencing the vote.

L’Auberge Chez Francois is ready for its close-up, yet again

The 45-year-old dining destination in Great Falls succeeds thanks to delicious consistency.
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