7 no-knead bread recipes for loaves, focaccia, rolls and more

No-knead breads deliver all the satisfaction of freshly baked loaves, rolls and more, without requiring a mixer or lots of dough work on the counter.
(Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Washington Post/food styling by Bonnie Benwick/The Washington Post)
(Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Washington Post/food styling by Bonnie Benwick/The Washington Post)

His punishment for finishing last in fantasy football: 15 hours and 3,700 calories at Waffle House

Lee O. Sanderlin took his last-place finish like a champ, live-tweeting nine waffles and three shift changes. “This is not the way I wanted to get into The Washington Post,” he said.

New white wines to try based on the ones you already love

Like chardonnay? Consider chenin blanc: How to pick a new wine based on the ones you already love.

Chill this $12 Portuguese red and you’re ready for summer sipping

RECOMMENDED | Plus, two more Portuguese wines worth exploring and two Italian whites that beg for seafood.

Let’s talk fries: how to make them and how to top them! And all your cooking questions.

Send in your questions to The Washington Post Food team, and we’ll help solve your cooking quandaries and share our latest recipes.
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2021 Spring Dining Guide

22 of the best new restaurants in Washington, D.C.
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Start with cold oil for crisper, golden french fries you’ll crave

This cold-fry recipe is the secret to crispy french fries in minutes.

How to make crispy air-fryer fries with no fuss and very little muss

Looking for crispy french fries without the mess? Consider the air-fryer.

Fresh mint lifts these 6 savory recipes

Six savory recipes where mint lends its refreshing flavor.

The 25 best sandwiches in the D.C. area

The District's sandwich scene is stuffed with delicious options.

Spicy peanut noodles are a quick, pantry-friendly meal that’s ready for riffing

A pantry-friendly peanut sauce featuring chili-garlic sauce is the star of this vegan noodles recipe.

NotMilk says it has achieved a breakthrough: Plant-based milk that mimics dairy

NotMilk, sold at Whole Foods nationwide, used artificial-intelligence technology to develop its recipe for plant-based milk. Spoiler alert: It has cabbage and pineapple.

Vanilla flavoring made from plastic bottles? Scientists show how bacteria can transform waste.

Common E. coli can turn waste into something far more delicious, scientists say.

This broccoli and bacon salad is creamy, salty, nutty and made for summer days

Each forkful of this summery salad recipe delivers the raw broccoli, but with lots of goodies along for the ride.

Think outside the carton with these creative ice cream recipes

Once you’ve mastered the basics of homemade ice cream, try these fantastic flavors.

My father’s grilled cheese did more than fill my belly. It taught me how to be a better dad.

My father made a mean grilled cheese and in doing so he taught me how to navigate being a dad.
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These juicy, smoky mushroom kebabs will make the most of your summer grilling

Mushroom skewers get flavored by smoke created from the oil that drips off them.

Our best pudding, parfait and panna cotta recipes for cool summer desserts

It's hard to say no to an eye-catching pudding, parfait or panna cotta for dessert on a hot day.

Stock up on your favorite wine now: Low inventory and higher prices are on the horizon

The time to stock up on wine may be now as rising prices and lower inventory are looming in the months to come.

This fruit-forward $13 rosé will quench your thirst this summer

RECOMMENDED | Plus, two more refreshing rosés for the season, as well as a crisp sparkling wine and an Oregon pinot noir to complete the week’s sips.
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