Can you eat sprouted or green potatoes? Yes, with a couple caveats.

Green or sprouted potatoes pose very little health risk, as long as you know how to deal with them.

How to clean reusable food-storage bags

Silicone and other reusable food-storage bags are a great way to reduce plastic waste. Here's how to take care of them.

This baked pasta features Spanish flavors and a time-saving cleanup trick

Skip all the cleanup with this baked pasta recipe by putting the dried pasta right in the casserole dish, where it absorbs the sauce and tenderizes, lasagna-style.

An NFT restaurant opening in New York will serve up status with a side of seafood

The purchase of NFTs essentially gives people membership to a yet-to-open establishment promising omakase — and exclusivity.

How do you like to cook your least favorite veggies? We’ve got ideas, too.

Send in your questions to The Washington Post Food team, and we’ll help solve your cooking quandaries and share our latest recipes.
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Want to learn about cooking on a budget? Leanne Brown, author of “Good and Cheap,” is here to answer your questions!

Send in your questions to The Washington Post Food team, and we’ll help solve your cooking quandaries and share our latest recipes.
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Cocktail pioneer Derek Brown’s new message: Sophisticated drinks don’t require alcohol

Great, balanced cocktails can be nonalcoholic, says Derek Brown, whose new book is “Mindful Mixology.”

Polenta with chickpeas and tomatoes is pantry-friendly comfort food

Creamy polenta topped with a simple yet satisfying mixture of chickpeas and tomatoes makes a comforting meal from the pantry.

Convivial mines the past to assure its future with sublime renditions of classic French dishes

Owner Cedric Maupillier is serving up labor-intensive French classics at Shaw's Convivial, where diners are in for a treat.

Zero-proof wines are finally getting good

Abstaining from alcohol for Dry January or in general? There's a good zero-proof wine for that.

At just $13, this zippy Spanish white is a jolt of energy to your palate

RECOMMENDED | This week’s recommendations also include a very good nonalcoholic wine.

A sheet-pan supper of roasted cod and broccolini is a fast and easy weeknight luxury

While the cod and broccolini roast, whir together a sumptuous sauce with shallots, garlic, Dijon mustard and lemon juice for attainable weeknight luxury.

KFC’s new plant-based nuggets look and taste close to the real thing

We tried the plant-based nuggets offered by the chain famous for its real-poultry offerings.

Coconut black bean soup with mango-avocado salsa is creamy, bright and satisfying

This black bean soup plays up the flavors of Central American and Caribbean cooking.

After 72 years, FDA says French dressing won’t have a legal definition

Under the FDA's "standard of identity," French dressing had to contain vinegar, lemon or lime juice, with vegetable oil making up at least 35 percent of the product’s weight.

Recipes for 1 or 2, with little to no leftovers

Recipes ideal for one or two people, where leftovers are mimimized.

Make Instant Pot chana masala for creamy, spiced chickpeas any night

Chana masala is the saucy, spiced chickpea curry we'll eat on repeat, and the Instant Pot puts it within easy reach.

Chow mein on a sheet pan? This adaptable recipe hits all the right notes.

A wok may be the ideal vessel for chow mein, but a sheet pan can deliver the goods, too.

Ina Garten’s 2022 pandemic advice: Drink more cosmos. Do what you can.

Cookbook author and TV personality Ina Garten proves yet again why she's our covid-era guru.

This one-pan halibut with chickpeas has all the smoky, nutty flavors of romesco sauce

You'll get crunch and deeply savory flavors in this slow-roasted fish dinner.
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