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NOURISH | The healthful swap turns out just as creamy as Arborio rice.

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A few meaty recipes plus some plant-based options for your next taco night.

Multiple publications wrote about it — but none checked to see if it was still on the menu.


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More than 300 recipes to suit every taste.

Farmers markets in the Washington area

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Free Range on Food: Wednesday, Feb. 21, at noon

LIVE CHAT | We'll be talking about food writer Anna del Conte, a lemony bundt cake, this week's recipes and more. Guests Cathy Barrow and Charlotte Druckman join us.

This recipe is a real game-changer.

ANATOMY OF A DISH | The cool-weather food is packed with meat, vegetables and chickpeas

Vegans and those with dairy allergies have found the news that Co Yo contains trace amounts of dairy “distressing.”

The Washington chef will also publish a book this year detailing how he and his nonprofit fed millions in Puerto Rico.

It's a fiery cuisine, great for vegetarians and carnivores alike, with a bread like no other.

For those serious about “functional” and “medicinal” mushrooms, one nutritionist suggests visiting a doctor — not Goop.

Does your meatless Monday game need an overhaul?

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2.5 stars | At Rare Steak and Seafood, stay on the ground floor for moderately priced fun

With a sharp knife and a few simple tips, you can chop with confidence — and without all the fuss.

Two organization experts offer their suggestions for counters, cabinets, pantries and more.

DINNER IN MINUTES | We love chef Amy Brandwein’s take on charred cabbage.

Anna Del Conte, 92, is beloved for her way of translating recipes — and the stories and culture behind them.

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WEEKNIGHT VEGETARIAN | This mushroom étouffée tastes like the real deal, even without crawfish or shrimp.

No matter how many dazzling things we have the good fortune to eat in our lives, we often remember the simplest meals with as much power and affection as the fanciest. A humble, pureed vegetable soup is among those particular pleasures. Also, Proustian prose aside, if you’re feeling lazy, you can get from a few ingredients to deliciousness in no time.

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Mussels are the perfect choice for a weeknight meal. They’re a terrific source of low-fat protein, they’re inexpensive, they cook up quickly, and as they cook, they automatically generate tasty juices to whichever sauce you’re making. Also, farmed mussels are pretty easy to clean. You just toss them briefly in several changes of fresh water and pull off any strings (also known as “beards”) hanging from the hinge of the shell. Finally, bonus, if you buy farmed mussels — the most common variety available at stores today — you’ll have chosen a sustainable seafood. Here I’ve dressed the mussels in green for St. Patrick’s Day with a garnish of chopped scallions and cilantro.

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Stock up on our list, and your weeknight meals will get easier. First up: Spicy-sweet salmon kebabs that take just 20 minutes.

10 recipes make the most of the cast-iron treatment.

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