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We needed to turn the swelter into something useful, so we used the sun for cooking.

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That is, if you can stand to give up eating some of them fresh out of hand.

The fast-food chain is testing out the summery breakfast items in the D.C. market until Aug. 11.


The 2019 Spring Dining Guide

A look at 30 newcomers that underscore the allure of the District’s dining scene.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, July 17, at noon

Ice cream tips with Jeni Britton Bauer, plus peach recipes, preserved lemons, this week's recipes and more!

RECOMMENDED | Plus, rosé from Spain, Portuguese and Spanish albariño and jammy California petite sirah.

WINE | The label can sell the first bottle, but it’s the quality that will sell the second.

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The National Geographic series offers a cuddlier version of the fiery chef who explores the food cultures of Peru, New Zealand and Morocco.

BRING IT | Endlessly adaptable, this cake is begging for your own spin.

NOURISH | Skip the bottle and make this lip-smacking sauce in just 10 minutes.

From raw to cooked to pickled — we've got you covered.

It might look extreme, but is this latest stunt sandwich worth trying?

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UNEARTHED | There’s finally good evidence.

A citrus marinade and bright green avocado cream bring even more sunshine to this easy meal.

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2.5 stars | Sara Thompson and Henji Cheung pack charm and flavor into their diminutive restaurant.

Summer vegetables star in this light version of the bowl America loves.

Lakeith Stanfield of “Sorry to Bother You” and “Get Out” is set to star.

These vegan recipes are loaded with veggies and packed with flavor.

You can use them for so much more than Moroccan food.

With cucumber and fennel, it's subtle, clean — and quick to make.

Have fun and save money when you prep a few meals in your home away from home.

Owners and workers fear the Trump Administration's migrant roundups could expand to include those not targeted for deportation.

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