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DINNER IN MINUTES | This dish is an example of chef smarts applied to humble pasta, potatoes and Parm.

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Challah pull-apart rolls, anyone? You’re going to need something to soak up that gravy.

So you forgot to defrost your bird? That’s no reason to panic.


2017 Fall Dining Guide: The best restaurants in Washington

There’s never been a better time to be a diner in D.C. Here’s Tom Sietsema’s top 10 restaurants along with 43 other favorites.

Farmers markets in the Washington area

Pick a day, and find a location near you.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, Nov. 22, at noon

LIVE CHAT | Stuffing (or dressing) from around the country, last minute Thanksgiving tips and more. Guests Julia Turshen and Erin McDowell join us.

In interviews with dozens of women, a picture of rampant assault and harassment emerges. And not just by powerful chefs.

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FIRST BITE | A new spinoff of Springfield’s Afghan Bistro brings old favorites and new highlights across the river.

Featuring a maple-sweetened custard that might just upstage your aunt's pumpkin pie.

PICKS | Splurge on a sparkler from Willamette Valley, or sip a $19 pinotage from Mendocino.

WINE | Pioneer Diane Flynt is discontinuing her sought-after Foggy Ridge label.

23 desserts for your consideration, because what’s Thanksgiving without ’em?

Whether you're cooking, watching football or dodging in-laws, it pays to have a strategy for your holiday drinking.

From Pennsylvania Dutch potato filling to Cajun dressing, it’s a wide world of this holiday side.

Is there an etiquette for workplace refrigerators? Should there be? Our short mockumentary from the Dept. of Satire explored these questions.

Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick [leftovers of] ‘em in a stew.

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2.5 stars | John Critchley guides Robert Wiedmaier’s seafood restaurant in exciting directions

Green beans, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash with cream soda (!) and more.

NOURISH | These are healthful, and make the most of leftover holiday ingredients.

DINNER IN MINUTES | Sly heat and noodle look-alikes make it stand out from the crowd.

9 recipes — including a few vegetarian and vegan — to consider.

You don’t have to start 18 days in advance. These simple recipes and strategies will have you enjoying yourself — and your guests — rather than worrying.

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$20 Diner | At this neighborhood spot, stick with the Iranian plates.

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