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Sweet or unsweet? It's a debate as old as time.

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Pickles, cheese, bread and apples make for nice little bites.

Meanwhile, embattled celebrity chef Mike Isabella reportedly fights for control of his company.

Butterball weighs in on the viral challenge to say: Believe it or not, it's doable.


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Free Range on Food: Wednesday, Nov. 21, at noon

A special two-hour, pre-Thanksgiving chat. Guests include Stella Parks, Angela Davis, Kathy Gunst, Andrea Nguyen and Sheri Castle.

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There's also stuffing-flavored chips and pumpkin pie cotton candy.

These are also great for sandwiches.

"Additional information” that surfaced after a video went viral is prompting the company to reconsider.

Keep it light and start things of right.

You eat first with your eyes, so a little styling will make a big difference.

Doctors report that most of the injuries involve something other than the peel.

We asked America's kids how to cook a turkey. They gave detailed answers that might be true.

... and other strategies for getting everything cooked on time.

Learn how to carve this year’s Thanksgiving bird with this step-by-step guide using augmented reality.

Pumpkin, sweet potatoes and turkey deserve star treatment more than one day a year.

The sandwich is an indulgent bite from a different era.

Don’t believe all the hype about mistakes, and keep these principles in mind.

Because you can't live on cream and butter alone.

Featuring scones, turkey, cake and more.

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This tri-animal roast is expensive, time-consuming — and virtually impossible to cook well.

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Keep calm. You're going to enjoy dessert no matter what.

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