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Funfetti from scratch? Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

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Some distillers hew to tradition, and others experiment with different casks — and what used to be in them.

You might as well give these recipes an Oscar, too.


Free Range on Food: Wednesday, Feb. 20, at noon

We'll be talking about the growth of 'plant-based' on food labels, how to make ghee, this week's recipes and more.

2018 Fall Dining Guide

The D.C. dining scene just keeps getting better. Tom Sietsema reviews 48 of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

  • Review

2 stars | A gem of a dining room and a satisfying French menu make for some memorable meals

  • Perspective

Home cooks can now more easily find lemon grass, coconut water, fresh turmeric, rice paper and more, making this vibrant cuisine even more accessible.

  • Andrea Nguyen
  • ·

Using coconut water rather than thicker coconut milk means the rice stays delicate.

  • Andrea Nguyen
  • ·

Using thin-cut, bone-in chops and a punchy marinade is key.

  • Andrea Nguyen
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  • Review

New to his list: a Tuscan charmer, a French lunch spot and a source for prime rib

Featuring vegetarian, vegan and meat-filled recipes.

Take into account what you're cooking and how you plan to cook it.

Shallots, Dijon mustard and cheddar combine on a crispy crust to make something that tastes more complicated than it is.

It's nice to have an antidote to the cold and all those “hearty” meals.

Featuring chocolate, risotto, pancakes and more.

RECOMMENDED | It’s one of five cabs worth seeking out.

WINE | Where the best is grown, what tastes to look for and how to find bottles you love.

  • Perspective

We even put smoothies in bowls. This has clearly gotten out of hand.

  • Kristen Hartke
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  • Review

FIRST BITE | Come for the “beachy tapas,” stay for the Hawaiian-style hospitality.

Products and restaurants using the term are popping up everywhere, offering a broader appeal and the ring of familiarity.

  • Perspective

The new item covers the romantic spectrum: It lets you break bread with the one you love — or it can salve a lonely heart.

NOURISH | With radicchio, green beans, onions and walnuts, it’s a delightful contrast to stews, braises and roasts.

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