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Grilling cages, butter spreaders, silk removers, tongs and all those decorative holders.

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When a gay couple asked to split a sundae, they said their waiter told them it would be inappropriate for two men to eat from the same bowl.

Grilling cages, butter spreaders, silk removers, tongs and all those decorative holders.

The Calabrian dish I make every summer wins over even the toughest critic.

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2017 Spring Dining Guide

Tom Sietsema renews acquaintances with familiar restaurants and celebrates new favorites.

Farmers markets in the Washington area

Pick a day, and find a location near you.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, August 16, at noon

LIVE CHAT | We'll be talking about why you should learn to cut up a whole chicken, the 50th anniversary of community cookbook 'Talk About Good!' and more. Guests Daniel Salatin, Marie Elizabeth Oliver and Brian Patterson join us.

A single-layer, rectangular cake is easy to make, after all. Here are a few Recipe Finder options.

PICKS | Plus 4 other suitable wines to try, from France and Italy.

WINE | The 2015 and 2016 releases from the Washington Nationals manager’s Calif. vineyard shows more sophistication than his 2013s.

If everyone is eating based on their own unique “nutrition blueprint,” what happens to the benefits of community?

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WEEKEND KITCHEN | Alternatives to sheetcaking; plus, top recipes of the week.

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FIRST BITE | Named for the year Magellan reached the Philippines, the new Arlington spot is already hopping.

Our favorite recipes; try it chopped into savory griddle cakes, charred in a skillet, braised with tomatoes, and more.

NOURISH | An unusual combination of beans and fresh tarragon makes this a light and one-pan meal.

A customer posted his receipt from the Oceanaire in D.C., which charged 3 percent for “costs associated with higher minimum wage rates."

Use your slow cooker to dispatch bounties of vegetables, make a sweet dessert and more.

Yes, just being included is an honor when it comes to the Michelin Guide.

With more than 1,000 people on the wait list for the Spotted Cheetah, you probably won't get a chance to try mac'n'Cheetos -- unless you make them yourself.

The funky cheese is available at the Bloomingdale, Dupont and Takoma Park farmers markets.

Tips for freezing yolks, plus recipes.

DINNER IN 25 MINUTES | They and their filling can be cooked in the same pan.

Buy whole and learn to cut it up yourself.

They are, after all, young chickens. So practice your chicken-cutting skills on them.

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