A group of Tuscan wine producers honors A. Litteri, in the Northeast warehouse district, for its amazing selection.

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RECOMMENDATIONS | Selections also include pinot noirs from Burgundy and California.

A group of Tuscan wine producers honors A. Litteri, in the Northeast warehouse district, for its amazing selection.

An Indiana man's Facebook plea goes viral, and his wife turns into a meme, with no response from the company.


A step-by-step guide to the only chicken soup recipe you’ll ever need

It will take less time and effort than you think, with multiple blessings.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, March 22, at noon

LIVE CHAT | We'll be talking about pies, butter, immigrants in agriculture and more. Guests Elaine Khosrova and Tamar Haspel join us.

Map: Find a CSA in the Washington area

There are 62 farms around the region offering community-supported agriculture programs, in which members stake a claim on part of a harvest by paying a set fee in advance for shares of produce and more.

Her latest book, “King Solomon’s Table,” collects stories and recipes across the Jewish diaspora.

WEEKEND KITCHEN | A six-step plan to refine your game and have just what you want; plus, top recipes of the week.

FIRST BITE | Frank Ruta and Aggie Chin pair up in an elegant downtown setting, with impressive service and plates.

Cocktails and a pizza that use kirsch, from the Recipe Finder.

Dessert trends come and go. But as French brand Ladurée prepares to open in Washington, macarons seem unstoppable.

BOOK REPORT | Emily Thelin’s bio-cookbook about Paula Wolfert details the adventures — and the Alzheimer’s.

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ONE PAN | This layered granita has the colors of the sunrise and sunny citrus to boot.

Senegalese, Ghanaian and other cuisines rooted in the region are hiding in plain sight.

NOURISH | This healthful dish calls for a marinade with a little kick.

When you want to keep “healthful” in mind, try one of these from our Recipe Finder.

Isabella's latest debut, a Spanish and Moroccan restaurant at the Marriott Marquis Washington, adds to the chef's diverse portfolio of cuisines.

As Bill Niman sells his operation to the meal-kit giant, he sees the chance to take grass-fed beef to an all new scale.

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3 stars | It’s a gleaming tribute to the treasures of the sea, and more.

FOOD CALENDAR | Derek Brown moderates a discussion — and yes, you’ll get to try a few drinks, too.

Cookies, cakes and more, from the Recipe Finder.

As the Savor festival turns 10, organizers are making several key changes in an effort to reinvigorate the event.

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A writer and former pastry chef tastes it by the spoonful — and unearths its complex, delicious history.

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