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Whether you're dairy-free or meat-free, these soups will hit the mark.

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These indulgent beauties pack a welcome punch of umami.

Your bowl of yogurt just got a whole lot better.

Dedicated to preserving the native grape diversity, the center houses bottles from more than 300 winemakers.

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The 2019 Spring Dining Guide

A look at 30 newcomers that underscore the allure of the District’s dining scene.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, September 11, at noon

Processed foods, veggie burgers, reverse-searing, this week's recipes and more!

RECOMMENDED | Plus, delicious and affordable malbecs, splurge-worthy sancerre and a bracing Spanish txakoli.

You won’t sound like a pretentious wine snob, we promise.

You want fall, and you want it now!

Break out the chard, collards and kale.

America is not into this DIY plan.

The thigh is the best cut of chicken. Don't @ us.

NOURISH | A yogurt-feta sauce with dill delivers a refreshing complementary note.

In ‘Super Size Me 2,’ he opens a restaurant to reveal the latest poses of the fast-food industry. The movie also advertises his new business.

The magazine says the restaurant earned its spot on the list, but others see a breach of journalistic ethics.

In “Midnight Chicken” author Ella Risbridger is open about her struggles with mental health, and she offers food — preparing it, not just eating it — as a prescription.

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Bright with lemon, spiced with chile flakes, you may just eat the whole mess yourself.

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Robert Simonson's new cookbook salutes the king of cocktails.

All it takes is one bowl and about 30 minutes of work, so start filling your coffee mug.

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3 stars | Good things come to those who partake in Enrique Limardo’s whimsical dishes.

Unlike beer or wine, hard seltzer is an entire category born catering to millennials.

Baking is a transformation, for the dough and the person making it.

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Using frozen or fresh fish, this recipe is a weeknight wonder.

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