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This is the quick and easy roll recipe you've been waiting for.

A spicy and bright salsa verde is this recipe's MVP.

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2 stars | Chef Colin Clark wants ‘to surprise people a little bit.’

Washington restaurateurs share what happens when politics comes to dine in their establishments.


Tom Sietsema’s top restaurants in Washington, D.C.: Fall 2019

Tom Sietsema celebrates 20 years with a bigger-than-ever guide to the city’s best restaurants.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, November 6, at noon

A showstopper pumpkin crostata, keeping calm in the kitchen, getting to know your root vegetables, this week's recipes and more!

The 2019 Spring Dining Guide

A look at 30 newcomers that underscore the allure of the District’s dining scene.

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After tasting some of the biggest brands, we were left with a question: When are we supposed to drink this stuff?

Love it or hate it, pumpkin spice season is here, baby!

No one is going to skip breakfast this time.

Be patient, make some smart adjustments and enjoy your hard work.

A Panera spokeswoman declined to discuss personnel matters but said the company has confirmed the TikTok video’s authenticity.

They keep their nostalgic appeal but are lighter and easier to make.

Whether you want a cocktail, a hearty main meal or even dessert, beer has your back.

RECOMMENDED | Plus, more Italian gems to savor: another pinot grigio, a cesarese, a gragnano and a prosecco.

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Should you decant your wine, and if so, when?

This versatile piece can go from stove top to oven and make everything from soups to fried chicken.

Four dishes, inspired by other lands, that became American icons.

FIRST BITE | Johnny Monis delights savvy diners at Happy Gyro by serving what he loves to eat.

The celebrity-chef-turned-humanitarian was serving meals in the Bahamas in the days before the Nobel announcement.

We want recipes that are as warming and soft as our favorite sweater.

You'll want many spoonfuls of this spoon bread on your plate.

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From José Andrés to the Obamas, they have left their mark on the dining scene.

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