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Keep calm. You're going to enjoy dessert no matter what.

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This Julia Turshen technique ensures a good combination of crispy and tender bits.

Cut regular green beans down to size, and they step up into something special.

We've got the answers to your most pressing Turkey Day prep questions.


2018 Fall Dining Guide

The D.C. dining scene just keeps getting better. Tom Sietsema reviews 48 of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, Nov. 14, at noon

We'll be talking about twists to Thanksgiving classics; how to tactfully take on more Thanksgiving responsibilities; this week's recipes, and more.

ASK TOM | Also needed: Quiet, please, plus a strategy for waiters who handle glasses by the rims.

All you need now is a good cup of tea.

The new line of breakfast sandwiches is best consumed late at night, when you're least likely to remember what you ate.

It's a little smoky and a little sweet.

A staple on many holiday tables, this version has a tangy depth and is topped with crushed Cheez-Its.

Add it to butter, mix into scones and much more.

Before then, the woman famous for Sqirl, the cafe and the jams, had been a figure skater with ‘no palate.’

  • Alex Witchel
  • ·
  • Nov 6
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What do we want? Steak! How do we want it? Smothered!

WEEKNIGHT VEGETARIAN | It’s so easy to put together, too.

Upside-down martinis and Goldfish crackers are the ticket when you're looking to keeps your guests happy and save time.

Lesson one: Behold the power of water.

For her latest book, the woman who paved the way for countless others returns to her native land, decades after she left in exile.

  • Mayukh Sen
  • ·
  • Nov 5
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The popular kitchen gadget is especially great for cooking beans, meat and grains.

The Albemarle pippin, which dates to Colonial times, once caused Queen Victoria to swoon.

  • Kristen Hartke
  • ·
  • Nov 2
  • ·

RECOMMENDATIONS | Other bottles include a stunner of a South African sparkler.

Sure, the weather forced “tough decisions,” but great wines are still being made.

Featuring an excellent fried rice, plus several warming soups and stews.

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