Black barbecue gets a long-overdue spotlight in two new books

Scholar Adrian Miller's "Black Smoke" and pitmaster Rodney Scott's new cookbook remind us about the important, and often ignored, role of Black people in American barbecue.
(Jerrelle Guy/Clarkson Potter;University of North Carolina Press)
(Jerrelle Guy/Clarkson Potter;University of North Carolina Press)

This vinegary barbecue sauce is famed in Denver — and deserves to be everywhere else, too

“Daddy” Bruce Randolph Sr.'s legendary barbecue sauce, transplanted from the South, is ready to liven up your grilled meat.

This smoked lemon and herb chicken recipe gives you bronzed, tender meat

Make this whole chicken recipe from pitmaster Rodney Scott's new book a part of your summer grilling rotation.

How to knead bread dough without a stand mixer

No stand mixer? No problem. Here's the knead-to-know on making bread.

Ready to bake some everyday breads? Let’s talk about bread and all your cooking questions (May 19 | 12 p.m. ET)

Send in your questions to The Washington Post Food team, and we’ll help solve your cooking quandaries and share our latest recipes.
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2021 Spring Dining Guide

22 of the best new restaurants in Washington, D.C.
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Roasting, broiling and grilling: Tips and recipes to help you master dry-heat cooking techniques

Put the power of dry heat to use in the oven and grill with these fundamental cooking methods.

Wrap up dinner with 7 recipes for simple, flavorful packet cooking

Foil and parchment packet recipes gently cook food and infuse it with flavor — with minimal clean-up.

CDC’s new mask guidance means more confusion for diners and restaurants

When it comes to masks, restaurateurs across the country are grappling with overlapping state rules.

Buying wine online is another pandemic-era shift that’s poised to stick around

Online wine purchasing grew throughout the pandemic and is likely to stay that way.

This crisp pinot grigio stands out in the crowd at only $12

RECOMMENDED | Plus, three delicious Spanish wines and a bright French white to slake your thirst.

Turkey Leg Hut has become a bastion of Houston’s Black culture — and a gentrification lightning rod

In Houston's Third Ward, Turkey Leg Hut draws lines around the block -- and has drawn fire by neighbors.
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A guide to couscous: The history, different types and how to cook with it

A look at the history of couscous, how it's made, the different types available and its culinary uses.

Get your Maryland crab fix at the Point Crab House, along with ace service and a water view

The Point Crab House near Annapolis offers crab-everything: steamed, in soup, on toast and in cakes

What’s the best hard seltzer? We tried 18 new flavors to find out.

A new crop of seltzers has arrived for warm-weather sipping. Which is the can to grab?

A tandoori-style marinade leads to boldly seasoned, moist and tender grilled chicken

When grilled chicken is infused with so much flavor from cilantro and tandoori spices, the results are anything but boring.

A crispy cauliflower recipe with lemon-mustard dressing proves a cutlet is what you make of it

These cauliflower “cutlets” bend the rules in all the right ways.

8 tips about Asian cooking from Martin Yan, Grace Young and other experts

Martin Yan, Grace Young and other experts join The Post's weekly food chat to answer reader questions about cooking Asian food at home.

5 bright, crunchy side salads to perk up any meal

These side salads are full of crunch and zippy flavors, and will awaken your palate and complement your main course.

This luscious challah relies on egg yolks, honey and fruit juice for tenderness and flavor

The secret to this luscious challah is to make flavor a factor when choosing each ingredient.
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