This wild rice soup, with my vegan tweaks, reminds me of home

A specialty of Minnesota, this wild rice soup is made vegan, but retains its creamy deliciousness and heft.

By Anna Luisa RodriguezMarch 20, 2023

Say goodbye to dry chicken breasts with these 4 tips

Chicken breasts are easy to overcook and dry out, but follow these suggestions for juicy, tender meat.

By Becky KrystalMarch 20, 2023

Beef ‘n Buns ‘n Paradise keeps tradition alive and tasty in Frederick

The drive-through has been a Frederick mainstay since 1995, and for good reason: The place serves classic Americana fare, sometimes with a Maryland twist.

By Tim CarmanMarch 20, 2023

Leftover cabbage? Smother it in tomato gravy and pile it on grits.

How long does cabbage last in the refrigerator once it's cut? Results may vary, but with recipes like this with tomato gravy and grits, you'll use it up fast.

By Jim WebsterMarch 19, 2023

7 sauces, dressings and condiments that pack a major flavor punch

Need to dress up a dish? Try one of these recipes to add a little something extra.

By Becky KrystalMarch 18, 2023


Trouble in the kitchen? Ask Voraciously your cooking questions.

Every Wednesday at noon Eastern, Aaron Hutcherson and Becky Krystal answer your cooking questions.

By Aaron Hutcherson and Becky KrystalMarch 22, 2023

2022 Fall Dining Guide

Food critic Tom Sietsema shares his 40 favorite dining destinations from around the D.C. region — and this year, value is the key.

By Tom SietsemaOctober 5, 2022

How to make the Red Hen rigatoni with sausage that the Bidens ordered

Here's a home cook's recipe for the Red Hen's fennel and sausage rigatoni that the Bidens both ate.

By Becky KrystalMarch 17, 2023

Peter Chang’s restaurant empire expands to Columbia, Md. Lucky diners.

A onetime chef at the Chinese Embassy, Peter Chang introduces Yangtze River beef and other delights at his 14th restaurant.

By Tom SietsemaMarch 17, 2023

This $12 malbec is soft, fruity and kosher for Passover

A selection of 3 recommended wines from our Wine columnist.

By Dave McIntyreMarch 16, 2023

Winery with links to Jefferson acquired by Monticello’s foundation

The winery sits on the land that was used by Jefferson to try to make wine.

By Dave McIntyreMarch 16, 2023

A Scottish chicken soup with a cheeky name for chilly spring nights

This Scottish chicken and leek soup with barley takes humble ingredients and transforms them into a soothing, nourishing meal.

By Ellie KriegerMarch 16, 2023

Lunchables in school cafeterias have child-nutrition experts concerned

Kraft Heinz is selling a modified version of its popular Lunchables product to school cafeterias starting in the 2023 school year.

By Emily HeilMarch 16, 2023

Chipotle’s chicken al pastor is a tasty nod to the real deal

Chipotle’s latest limited-time offering may be the best evidence yet that the Mexican dish, by way of Lebanon, has officially entered the mainstream.

By Tim CarmanMarch 15, 2023

Crustacean defamation? Maine lobstermen sue aquarium over do-not-eat list.

Industry groups filed a defamation lawsuit against the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation after it said the lobster industry poses a threat to right whales.

By Timothy BellaMarch 15, 2023

How to soften brown sugar and keep it from drying out

So your brown sugar turned into a brick. Here's how to salvage it.

By Becky KrystalMarch 15, 2023

7 recipes for Nowruz to make a fragrant feast on Persian New Year

Set a big, bountiful spread with these stews, soups, sweets and rice dishes from Iran.

By G. Daniela GalarzaMarch 14, 2023

A crispy rice and fish salad with herbs is a modern way to mark Nowruz

Top this salmon and crispy rice salad with lots of tender herbs for a modern dish incorporating the traditional flavors of Iran's new year celebration.

By G. Daniela GalarzaMarch 14, 2023

Buffalo Wild Wings sued over claim that ‘boneless wings’ aren’t wings

Buffalo Wild Wings’ “boneless wings” are actually comprised of breast meat, a new fraud lawsuit alleges.

By Emily HeilMarch 13, 2023

Taqueria El Cabrito is generous, delicious and tucked into a gas station

The counter inside a Silver Spring Exxon station is part of a small, family-owned chain of shops that specialize in home-style Oaxacan cooking.

By Tim CarmanMarch 13, 2023

Boiled peanuts let you look at the legume in a new light

Boiled peanuts, when treated as legumes, are natural partners for many sweet and savory ingredients.

By Kristen HartkeMarch 13, 2023