I made Kamala Harris’s cornbread dressing — and filled in all the details so you can make it, too

The vice president-elect's cornbread stuffing recipe was a bit slim on details — and heavy on dishes — but it would be more than welcome on your Thanksgiving table.
(Becky Krystal(cq)/TWP)
(Becky Krystal(cq)/TWP)
Here's how to turn Thanksgiving leftovers into breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.
We've got the answers to all your most pressing Thanksgiving questions.
Restaurant chain Medium Rare makes more than 3,000 dinners for seniors spending Thanksgiving alone.
Send in your questions to The Washington Post Food team, and we’ll help solve your cooking quandaries and share our latest recipes. We chat every Wednesday at noon ET.
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The best 27 restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area.
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Make this mouth-puckering caper salsa recipe to spoon over fast-baked fish.
Increased kitchen activity means your knife could use some attention. Here's how to get it sharp again.
Serve these rolls, cornbread muffins or biscuits at the big meal, and then save them for sandwiches.
The energy-density diet, which prioritizes foods that are low in calories for their volume, still works. Here's why.
National arts reporter Geoff Edgers spoke with Chef Andrew Zimmern on Instagram Live on Nov. 13.
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Make a belly-warming Thanksgiving soup recipe to kick off your holiday meal.
With the right adjustments, you can substitute many onions and their cousins for each other.
These cranberry sauce recipes offer a wide variety of vibrant flavors that'll help you move beyond the can.
Dal makhani is beloved for good reason: It's creamy, silky and luxurious. Here's how to make it.
Here's how to make duck confit part of your holiday spread.
Simple, special and perfect for solo or family dining, duck confit checks all the 2020 holiday boxes. Washington Post food host Mary Beth Albright demonstrates.
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It’s not just Beaujolais; lots of wines can be made in the “nouveau” style, and lots of producers are starting to make it.
RECOMMENDED | Some local selections as well as bubbles to help set a festive mood.
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