Can’t decide on a cocktail? Give our drink generator a shake.

It’s Friday night. Do you know where your cocktail is?

Or more specifically, what it is? Personally, I’ve often got such decision fatigue by the end of the week that I’m usually inclined to just make my favorite, the Negroni, over and over again, then stare at a movie I’ve already seen five times.

But I want to do better! I want to try new things! Yes, I may be comfortable wallowing in my well-worn cocktail rut, but now and then I want to break free!

Maybe you do, too. Or maybe you’re just learning the cocktail ropes. You know what you like, flavor-wise, but you need a tool to point you toward a new tipple, whether it’s your favorite drink’s next-door neighbor or its distant cousin.

If you like the brightness of a great margarita, you’ll probably love a classic daiquiri, and you may enjoy exploring more unusual shaken citrus drinks. If you like an Old-Fashioned, you’ll love what happens when it crosses the border and takes up agave spirits for its base in the Oaxaca Old Fashioned.

Explore those options and more in our new cocktail finder tool that lets you search for something bubbly and refreshing, or spirit-forward, or bright and fruity. We’ve got some good nonalcoholic options, too!

Just enter your druthers and we’ll give you ideas here. Let’s shake things up!

What are you in the mood for?

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