Bourbon-glazed lamb chops are a festive weeknight meal with meaning

The bourbon-glaze on these lamb chops is a nod to chef Toya Boudy's hometown of New Orleans.

By Ann MaloneyMarch 28, 2023

7 recipes with leeks, including soup, dumplings and roasted chicken

Get acquainted with the subtle sweetness of leeks in these recipes for dumplings, soups, quiche and more.

By Aaron HutchersonMarch 27, 2023

Pork chops meet a dirty martini: A saucy dish best shaken, not stirred

This recipe for pork chops incorporates the elements of a dirty martini -- gin, vermouth, olives, brine and lemon -- in a delicious pan sauce.

By Ali SlagleMarch 26, 2023

8 recipes to clean out the fridge, including soup, pilaf and frittata

Don't let food go to waste when you make these flexible, thrifty recipes.

By Becky KrystalMarch 25, 2023

Malabi, a Middle Eastern rose water pudding, is a simple, silken joy

Delicate, creamy malabi is most often topped with a simple berry sauce and chopped pistachios.

By Jessica StolzbergMarch 24, 2023

The dirty martini has a reputation, but it cleans up nice

A cocktail that once carried a lot of subtext is now getting a makeover, with a lot more thought and a lot less grease.

By M. Carrie AllanMarch 23, 2023

A jewel-toned vegetable spread for Passover, or any occasion

Use this spread to top crackers, dip vegetables into, or as an addition to sandwiches.

By Ellie KriegerMarch 23, 2023

This herby sesame sauce is great on noodles or straight from the spoon

Blending spinach, cilantro and scallions with tahini or sesame paste produces a vibrant sauce that's great on noodles, chicken, fish, tofu or vegetables.

By G. Daniela GalarzaMarch 23, 2023

Celebrate cherry blossom season with 6 pink snacks and drinks

Celebrate the arrival of spring and cherry blossom peak bloom with these pink dishes and drinks.

By Anna Luisa RodriguezMarch 22, 2023

Let this asparagus pasta with grated apple usher you into spring

Grated apple brightens up this pungent pasta salad made with blue cheese, asparagus and walnuts.

By Ann MaloneyMarch 21, 2023

7 spring vegetable recipes to celebrate the season

Recipes featuring ramps, morels, rhubarb and other spring vegetables to celebrate the season.

By Aaron HutchersonMarch 20, 2023

This wild rice soup, with my vegan tweaks, reminds me of home

A specialty of Minnesota, this wild rice soup is made vegan, but retains its creamy deliciousness and heft.

By Anna Luisa RodriguezMarch 20, 2023

Leftover cabbage? Smother it in tomato gravy and pile it on grits.

How long does cabbage last in the refrigerator once it's cut? Results may vary, but with recipes like this with tomato gravy and grits, you'll use it up fast.

By Jim WebsterMarch 19, 2023

7 sauces, dressings and condiments that pack a major flavor punch

Need to dress up a dish? Try one of these recipes to add a little something extra.

By Becky KrystalMarch 18, 2023

How to make the Red Hen rigatoni with sausage that the Bidens ordered

Here's a home cook's recipe for the Red Hen's fennel and sausage rigatoni that the Bidens both ate.

By Becky KrystalMarch 17, 2023

A Scottish chicken soup with a cheeky name for chilly spring nights

This Scottish chicken and leek soup with barley takes humble ingredients and transforms them into a soothing, nourishing meal.

By Ellie KriegerMarch 16, 2023

7 recipes for St. Patrick’s Day that aren’t corned beef

Celebrate the world-famous Irish holiday with these warm, welcoming dishes and cocktails.

By Anna Luisa RodriguezMarch 15, 2023

7 recipes for Nowruz to make a fragrant feast on Persian New Year

Set a big, bountiful spread with these stews, soups, sweets and rice dishes from Iran.

By G. Daniela GalarzaMarch 14, 2023

A crispy rice and fish salad with herbs is a modern way to mark Nowruz

Top this salmon and crispy rice salad with lots of tender herbs for a modern dish incorporating the traditional flavors of Iran's new year celebration.

By G. Daniela GalarzaMarch 14, 2023

12 sweet and savory pie recipes for Pi Day festivities

A collection of sweet and savory pies to celebrate Pi Day on March 14.

By Aaron HutchersonMarch 13, 2023