Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran is blowing past limits on the amount of nuclear fuel it had agreed to hold as part of the 2015 nuclear deal.

The report, which analyzed a 16-year period, said many factors could be at play.

The manuscript includes more than a dozen pages on Bolton’s interactions with Trump over Ukraine, according to one person familiar with the project.

Early Saturday, Pompeo confirmed that a conversation had taken place after the interview and accused Kelly of having “lied to me, twice.”

The State Department has stopped sending the dogs to Jordan and Egypt as part of a counterterrorism program.

Stephen Biegun was confirmed amid speculation that Mike Pompeo intends to run for a Senate seat in Kansas.

The former conservative talk radio host Frank Wuco also questioned Obama’s birthplace and said former attorney general Holder was a member of the Black Panthers.

The Ukraine impeachment hearings reveal a president circumventing and enfeebling his diplomats and foreign policy specialists.

Democrats released fresh transcripts Monday of closed-door testimony in their impeachment inquiry.

Mina Chang defended herself and criticized the “toxic environment” at the State Department.

The Russian proposal could allow state control of the Internet, officials and human rights groups warn.

Gordon Sondland upended the House impeachment inquiry last week by acknowledging he communicated the terms of a quid pro quo with Ukraine.

A new report says senior State Department officials early in the Trump administration grew suspicious of a career staffer after an article in a conservative publication questioned her loyalty.

The Defense and State departments certified that Kyiv had taken “substantial actions” to tackle corruption, and the Europeans spend more on Ukraine than the United States does.

Michael McKinley told impeachment investigators that he complained to Pompeo three times about the ambassador’s treatment.

He avoided intervening directly on some Ukraine issues ‘because he knew it was going to be a disaster,’ one former official said.

In a “supplemental declaration,” the ambassador to the E.U. revised his Oct. 3 testimony to say he had discussed the issue with a Ukrainian official.

House investigators released a transcript of the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch, opening a new phase of the impeachment inquiry.

If confirmed by the Senate, Stephen Biegun is expected to continue overseeing negotiations with Kim’s government.

His testimony appears to corroborate key comments in the testimony of top diplomat in Ukraine Taylor and challenge some of ambassador to the E.U. Sondland’s testimony.

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