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The proposal has prompted sharp opposition from career officials who say it would be a gift to authoritarian governments that have long sought to delegitimize human rights groups.

Some Trump policies would immediately be reversed, but others will have to wait for policy reviews within a new administration.

U.S. officials claimed she was given the award by “mistake,” but internal documents and interviews show the discovery of her social media posts critical of the president inspired the decision, the inspector general found.

In a sideline event hosted by the United States at the United Nations General Assembly, the secretary of state said protections for human rights are in “crisis.”

Matthew Klimow, the former U.S. ambassador to Turkmenistan, accepted a 90-day appointment.

Officials described an environment of yelling, cursing, intimidating and abusive behavior, report says.

House Democrats want R. Clarke Cooper, the assistant secretary for political-military affairs, to explain what they say was his “inaccurate” testimony on how the emergency came about.

The State Department inspector general, while finding that Pompeo’s ‘emergency’ declaration was legal, says the administration’s own policies were violated.

A still-unreleased inspector general report found no wrongdoing, the department said.

A bipartisan bill introduced Tuesday would create an Office of Subnational Diplomacy in the State Department to build up capacity to confront China in trade and other arenas.

Lawmakers said the subpoenas were necessary because the administration has stonewalled its efforts to interview officials.

The secretary of state was also grilled about the administration’s policies on China, Russia and Iran.

New report decries the broad vacancies at the department and high-profile resignations of career officials due to alleged intimidation and retribution by political appointees.

In a conversation with The Post, Ambassador Danny Danon discussed a range of issues before his departure from the United Nations.

Rep. Eliot L. Engel’s apparent primary defeat may give progressives a chance to redefine priorities on foreign affairs panel.

The possible cutoff in food and medical supplies came as the first coronavirus case surfaced in northwest Syria, where millions of displaced Syrians have massed.

During U.N. Security Council meeting, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Iran a “terrorist regime.” Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, referred to the United States as an “outlaw bully.”

In annual report, the Afghan government was accused of recruiting child soldiers and sexually enslaving boys.

France, Germany and Britain said they will not support reimposing sanctions on Iran if a U.N. arms embargo is not extended but urged Tehran to allow inspectors into sites where nuclear material and activity may have occurred.

The action comes after the ICC approved investigations of alleged war crimes by U.S. service members and intelligence officers in Afghanistan.

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