The vulnerability demonstrated another pitfall of our increasingly connected cars.

Some voters said they were confused by the messaging around the measure.

The ballot measure established drivers as independent contractors, overriding state legislation to make them employees.

Gig economy workers were pushed to the brink. It led to a historic confrontation over the future of the business model.

A San Francisco judge said the plaintiffs failed to demonstrate that Uber had punished drivers over a failure to support Prop 22, a ballot question that would codify them as independent contractors instead of employees with more rights.

Silicon Valley has poured a historic amount of money into defeating a law to make gig workers employees. Here’s what you need to know.

The appeals court said Uber and Lyft had 30 days from an expected later filing to come into compliance.

The suit filed Thursday in San Francisco Superior Court takes aim at what the plaintiffs called a "constant barrage" of pro-Proposition 22 messages that Uber drivers face on the job.

Tesla is forging ahead with “Full Self-Driving” despite skepticism among some safety advocates about whether Tesla’s technology is ready — and whether the rest of the world is ready for cars that drive themselves.

Judges questioned whether Uber would really have to upend its business model as a result of the August ruling, as Uber tried to position itself as different from Lyft in how its treats drivers.

The company said all rides on its Phoenix-area ride-hailing service would be driverless in the short term.

Owners reported their cars weren't connecting to the Internet Wednesday, though the issue appeared to have been resolved a short time later.

The company aims to build a battery that can make the transition to electric vehicles more sustainable.

The companies have threatened they would be forced to shut down unless a California Court of Appeals opted to stay a decision giving them 10 days to make drivers employees.

A court ruled that the companies must make drivers employees. Uber and Lyft say it'll force them to shut down for months.

Uber plans to appeal Monday’s ruling, arguing it adversely affects workers.

Frequent riders said it was like Uber ‘didn’t exist’ anymore. Longtime observers fear riders won’t come back after lockdowns ease up.

Musk had expressed concern about the effect of stay-at-home orders on vehicle production at the company's plant in Fremont, Calif.

The $2.65 billion all-stock deal continues Uber’s aggressive push into food delivery.

The firings came days after other workers who took leave said they received termination letters.

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