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Gene Weingarten Poll 8/14

As you are likely aware, when you buy chicken wings, you usually get a mixture of two different parts of the wing, distributed mathematicallly evenly, since each chicken has two wings, each divided into two wing part, giving exactly 2-2 per chicken. 

Part 1 of the wing, which I call "the flat" is distinctive because it is flat. 

Part 2 of the wing, which call "the drumstick," resembles a small drumstick 

We are on the same page, right? Good. 

Okay, my preference is for the flat. I assume yours is, too, because I respect you as a sophisticate. But we need not get into that now. I would love to hear from persons who prefer the odious drumstick. I would love to examine their explanations. I should interject: I know a man in retail poultry trade, and he assures me that most people prefer the flat, and will ask for it if given the opportunity. Few people are given the opportunity, for obvious retail reasons.

Anyway, I often choose chicken wings when I eat at Whole Foods, which (at least the one near me) has a really good eat-in menu. The chicken wings, like all the eat-in food, is presented in a large bin of its own. The bin, when full, probably has 80 flats and 80 drumsticks. Here is my method of wing selection: I choose fifteen flats. End of story. Sometimes, 20, if I am hungry.

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