Looking at your Social Security statement regularly should be a key part of your retirement planning.

More people see their own retirement security put at risk as they stop working full-time to care for sick parents

As one analyst put it, 'We are in a booming economy. You have a number of world markets hitting new, all-time highs.'

Readers share stories of gratitude about financial triumphs

Caregivers and others are concerned about the possibility of losing the ability to deduct medical expenses.

There is a change to the deduction for medical expenses, which the bill eliminates.

Any day now we’re supposed to know our tax fate or fortune.

Republicans are considering drastically reducing the amount people can put in their 401(k).

One of the best investment vehicles out there is under attack by the Republican tax plan -- and it could cost you a secure retirement.

The GOP wants to balance tax cuts for businesses and wealthy Americans by possibly limiting the maximum pre-tax amount that individuals and married couples could contribute to workplace saving plans

It’s a new day in American politics, and anything can happen.