The root causes of the “problem of Kashmir” are the Indian occupation and the historical denial of Kashmiri self-determination.

  • Hafsa Kanjwal
  • ·

The president opts to keep some 400 U.S. troops in the country rather than sticking with the disastrous full military withdrawal he proposed in late 2018.

A traditional pillar of Western democracies is undergoing radical change.

The president has given hope to those who want a strategy for after most U.S. troops withdraw.

If the price of survival is turning Meir Kahane’s hate-spouting racist heirs from pariahs to partners, Netanyahu is willing.

Any agreement with the kingdom must include strict controls to bar its building of nuclear weapons.

And no, he didn’t mention Trump.

Western democracies need to stand up to Chinese bullying.

  • Rukiye Turdush
  • ·

What they lack in numbers, they make up in influence in the Conservative movement.

  • Nora Loreto
  • ·

The Duterte government lacks the political will to do the hard work and invest in our society. It’s time to say enough is enough.

  • Risa Hontiveros
  • ·

The indictment of an Air Force intelligence specialist on espionage charges raises questions about the murky world of Americans who cooperate with the Iranian regime.

Russia creeps toward greater state control of the Web while India proposes rules to remove online content.

North Korea has halted key elements of its nuclear development, thereby decreasing the threat posed by what was a rapidly expanding program in 2017.

  • Siegfried S. Hecker, Robert L. Carlin, Elliot Serbin
  • ·

The United States seems intent on provoking open conflict with Iran.

The debate shows we’re more concerned about what the Islamic State means to the West than what extremism means for those who have been most affected by it.

  • H.A. Hellyer
  • ·
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