Ukraine needs advanced U.S. drones that can instantly transform a battle

These unmanned aerial vehicles can be force-multipliers. No wonder a bipartisan group of 17 members of Congress has urged President Biden to expedite delivery.

By George F. WillOctober 5, 2022

What we can learn from the people who are voting with their feet

Pay attention to all those Russians, Chinese and Hong Kongers who are heading for the exits.

By Keith B. RichburgOctober 4, 2022

Bolsonaro beats the polls — and plunges Brazil into more uncertainty

A tighter race poses greater risks for turmoil and violent conflict.

By Mac MargolisOctober 3, 2022

Sorry, Elon Musk. You don’t have the formula to end the Ukraine war.

A billionaire’s half-baked tweet shows the insidious influence of Russian propaganda.

By Max BootOctober 3, 2022

Putin threatens nuclear war. The West must deter disaster.

Putin is getting closer to the peril of the Cuban Missile Crisis. He flirts with a dance of death. The only sane thing to do is stand down and end this needless war to destroy Ukraine.

By the Editorial BoardOctober 3, 2022

How the world should help Pakistan with its never-ending flood disaster

Climate justice is not an abstract issue for the millions of people struggling to cope with disaster.

By Hamid MirOctober 3, 2022

Britain’s financial meltdown carries a global warning

The inflation vacation is over. Adjusting is going to be painful.

By Sebastian MallabyOctober 2, 2022

Post Elizabeth: Palace video footage demands are an early red flag

It’s hard to think of a less 21st-century approach to content than a monarchy dictating what clips of public proceedings are ever seen again.

By Autumn BrewingtonOctober 2, 2022

Ukraine has always been ready to negotiate. The question is how.

If the Kremlin wants talks, it can start by withdrawing troops.

By Iuliia MendelSeptember 30, 2022

Russia, drawn deeper into Ukraine, loses grip on conflict on its periphery

Russia’s failure to broker peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan underscores how the Ukraine war has hindered Moscow’s power along its borders.

By David IgnatiusSeptember 30, 2022

Why a negotiated peace with Putin is the safest way out

This is not about whether Russia can “rebuild." (It can’t.) It’s about how to contain potentially immense chaos.

By David Von DrehleSeptember 30, 2022

Alexei Navalny: This is what a post-Putin Russia should look like

Only transforming Russia into a parliamentary republic will prevent future wars.

By Alexei NavalnySeptember 30, 2022

The West should hunker down against Putin’s latest aggression

Patience is the West's secret weapon.

By David IgnatiusSeptember 29, 2022

Italy and Sweden show why Biden must fix the immigration system

The administration must find a way to demonstrate that it is taking control of the border. Or else, the populist right will keep gaining ground.

By Fareed ZakariaSeptember 29, 2022

Pakistan’s flood crisis could be an opportunity for real change

The country's foreign minister says that Pakistan's flood crisis is a warning to the world.

By Josh RoginSeptember 29, 2022

Biden cannot let Pacific island nations fall into China’s hands

It’s not enough to build ties with the larger Pacific nations. The smaller ones count, too.

By Henry OlsenSeptember 29, 2022

In Venezuela, orders to silence dissent come from the very top

In a new report come details of how Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro personally directed the bone-crushing security services to silence dissent.

By the Editorial BoardSeptember 29, 2022

A look at the world leaders who have cozied up to MBS

Soon after Jamal Khashoggi’s killing, world leaders called for justice and accountability. Four years later, many officials have changed their tune.

By Mili MitraSeptember 29, 2022

What Xi must tell Putin now

China's Xi must now persuade Russia's Putin to de-escalate.

By Mike Mullen, Sam Nunn and Ernest J. MonizSeptember 29, 2022