Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine makes a mockery of law

Sooner or later, the real criminals will face judgment.

By Vladimir Kara-MurzaJune 7, 2023

China isn’t acting like it wants to improve relations with the U.S.

Chinese officials preach mutual respect and cooperation, but their actions tell a different story

By Josh RoginJune 7, 2023

The key to ending the war in Ukraine? Attacking Crimea.

Many in the West are nervous about Ukraine's potential battlefield wins, especially on the southern front. They have it backward.

By John E. Herbst and Daniel FriedJune 6, 2023

Implement the global minimum tax and don’t undermine it

Republicans are trying to undermine a global minimum tax deal that aims to deter large corporations from shifting profits abroad to avoid taxes at home.

By David Kamin and Rebecca KysarJune 5, 2023

The U.S. needs to keep Poland close. But it must tread carefully.

The United States must not let itself get sucked into Poland's partisan warfare.

By Henry OlsenJune 5, 2023

Washington is sanctioning 12,000 entities. It’s backfiring.

Washington has sanctions on nearly 12,000 entities. Does the policy make sense?

By Max BootJune 5, 2023

To counter Russia, Germany promised a strong military. What happened?

Chancellor Olaf Scholz promised a stronger German defense and increased support for Ukraine. While progress has been made on the latter, the former is stalled.

By the Editorial BoardJune 5, 2023

Poland’s government will tell you I’m a Russian stooge. Don’t believe it.

A new law on fighting “Russian influence” actually targets the opposition.

By Radek SikorskiJune 2, 2023

The United States can no longer assume that the rest of the world is on its side

The Global South doesn’t trust the United States on Ukraine — or anything else.

By Fareed ZakariaJune 2, 2023

The international donor community must rebuke Uganda for its anti-LGBTQ+ law

In 2014, the World Bank played an important role in pressuring Uganda to walk back a draconian anti-gay law. Ten years later, it needs to do so again.

By Fabrice HoudartJune 2, 2023

Nuclear dangers are rising once more. Here’s how the U.S. should respond.

Nuclear dangers have seemed remote since the end of the Cold War. But they are rising once again.

By the Editorial BoardMay 31, 2023

DeSantis’s Ukraine dodge is the opposite of leadership

A serious candidate for president should have a firm view on the war.

By Josh RoginMay 31, 2023

This is the ‘America First’ case for supporting Ukraine

Here are 10 reasons why helping the Ukrainians is in the United States' national interest.

By Marc A. ThiessenMay 30, 2023

Pessimistic Americans fail to see the dream that migrants chase

An acute crisis did not materialize on the border with Mexico as many expected. But, out of sight, that crisis persists. Americans need to understand why.

By Gabriel PasquiniMay 30, 2023

Erdogan won Turkey’s election. But this is not the end of the story.

On Sunday, a slim majority of voters chose populism over liberal democracy. But Erdogan must remember that the country is growing dissatisfied with him.

By Asli AydintasbasMay 29, 2023

The key to victory in Ukraine? Taking the long view.

The U.S., Britain and Germany lead the way with military aid that will need to outlast Putin's long-term project to subjugate Ukraine and wipe out its identity.

By the Editorial BoardMay 28, 2023

An Army command like no other seeks to master the future of war

The Army Futures Command aspires to harness the power of innovation.

By Max BootMay 28, 2023

Biden shouldn’t allow Arab leaders to rehabilitate Bashar al-Assad

The United States should hold accountable anyone who enables the Syrian leader's war crimes.

By Josh RoginMay 25, 2023

Let’s celebrate a rare democratic success story in Southeast Asia

Indonesia was in chaos and in danger of splitting apart. Twenty-five years later, none of the most dire predictions, including my own, have been realized.

By Keith B. RichburgMay 24, 2023

Cuba is far more fragile than you think

From the outside, Cuba might appear to be stable. But amid shortages of basic goods and growing repressions, a crisis of political legitimacy is brewing.

By Abraham Jiménez EnoaMay 24, 2023