To understand why a leader would refuse humanitarian aid, you have to grasp the hostage-taking dynamics that now drive Venezuela’s crisis.

Inviting Taiwan's president to address Congress could enrage Beijing.

  • John Pomfret
  • ·

The Israeli prime minister has openly embraced the Republican Party and has helped create a partisan divide in the U.S.

The prospective U.S. ambassador to the United Nations withdrew herself from consideration Saturday.

Top U.S. officials, visiting Europe, fortify the belief that President Trump doesn’t care.

The president’s phony calamity obscures a catastrophe.

  • Amelia Frank-Vitale
  • ·

It is considered bad form to point out that Quebec is home to a lot of corrupt businesses.

Maria Ressa’s arrest is the latest example of journalists being harassed worldwide.

As has happened so often before, we prefer to look away.

U.S. officials are outlining a "post-caliphate" strategy for northeastern Syria.

If we want to defeat jihadism, political pluralism in the region is essential.

  • Reuel Marc Gerecht
  • ·

Leading international powers must take their share of blame for their unwillingness or inability to draw a red line around Pakistan’s patronage of terror.

Muslims should be particularly thoughtful when speaking about these issues.

A bipartisan group is working to prevent the president from giving too much away.

Moral leadership is more than photo appearances and progressive language. It’s also making sure that our rule of law is seen to be applied equitably.

  • Andray Domise
  • ·
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