Narendra Modi's political fumbles from the past few months are taking their toll.

The Trump administration seemingly cannot bring itself to seek justice for Jamal Khashoggi. But it could, at least, intervene on behalf of the living.

Those who have driven Britain into this mess show no contrition.

Political paralysis and partisanship are sabotaging America’s military edge.

As the Trudeau government tries to play this politically sensitive case by the books, the American president is a wild card.

  • David Moscrop
  • ·

What is perhaps more surprising is that Spanish politicians and journalists, considering the dynamics fueling the right worldwide, still fell into the same traps.

  • María Ramírez
  • ·

Consider a paradox. With today’s triggering of a no-confidence vote in the prime minister, Britain has descended into maximum “Game of Thrones” chaos. Yet the odds of a stabilizing outcome have brightened.

Israel-based NSO Group has been selling spyware to dictators, and Washington firms have been helping them.

Putin's "justice" system shows its real nature once again.

  • Vladimir Kara-Murza
  • ·

Freedom and quasi-independence are the dividends of careful relationships with both China and the United States.

La nueva administración debe crear registros públicos confiables de las personas desaparecidas y fortalecer las fiscalías y sus servicios periciales.

When repression and impunity reign, no one can breathe.

Our investigation — which discovered 1,978 mass graves — was undertaken by a group of independent journalists who did what the government should have done but did not.

  • Marcela Turati, Alejandra Guillén, Mago Torres
  • ·

The Finnish prime minister is trying to convince the Trump administration that fighting climate change can be good business.

A second referendum on leaving the European Union may be the least bad option in the disaster that Britain has inflicted on itself.

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