Australians’ big message on climate change and politics as usual

The success of the "Teal Independents" reveals voters' dissatisfaction with both major parties.

By E.J. Dionne Jr.May 24, 2022

Biden’s flip-flop on defending Taiwan makes America look weak

Biden had it right the first, second and third times. But his staff appears to have swayed him in the wrong direction.

By Marc A. ThiessenMay 24, 2022

Why I’m sad to be on Russia’s all-purpose payback list

The list of those permanently banned from visiting Russia is a catalogue of hurt. But how will this country find its way back to normal life if it won't talk to anyone?

By David IgnatiusMay 24, 2022

MAGA Republicans aren’t isolationist. They’re pro-Putin.

By opposing aid to Ukraine, MAGA Republicans reject the Reagan Doctrine

By Max BootMay 24, 2022

On Iran, Biden should reverse Trump’s imaginary statecraft

It's time to restart the Iran nuclear deal. Don't let objections about the IRGC slow that down.

By Daniel Benjamin and Jason M. BlazakisMay 24, 2022

Biden is right to say the U.S. should defend Taiwan

Now, the president's actions must match his words.

By Henry OlsenMay 23, 2022

Don’t worry about Putin’s feelings. Russia must pay for its invasion.

The West has no right to tell Ukraine to stop fighting.

By Max BootMay 23, 2022

What Australia’s election rout shows the country — and world

They say bad generals always fight the last war, and the Liberal campaign fell into the same trap.

By Richard GloverMay 22, 2022

Some conservatives oppose Sweden and Finland joining NATO. They’re wrong.

Conservatives can't simply oppose everything President Biden wants.

By Henry OlsenMay 20, 2022

If Queen Elizabeth can’t do her job, she should abdicate

Every day seems to bring fresh news of a royal ceremony being skipped, canceled or rescheduled indefinitely.

By J.J. McCulloughMay 20, 2022

Biden seeks a new opening in a rattled Asia

Russia's invasion of Ukraine and China's woes offer the United States an opportunity in the region.

By David IgnatiusMay 19, 2022

The rage and despair of the Iranian people are flowing onto the streets

Images of brutality aimed at the most vulnerable, including the elderly, have spread around the world.

By Jason RezaianMay 19, 2022

To counter Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, look to Ronald Reagan

How to confront and reverse Russia's unprovoked aggression.

By Marc A. ThiessenMay 18, 2022

All eyes are on Ukraine, but another crisis is brewing in Iran

Already burdened by Russia's war to the east, Europe needs a nuclear deal, not conflict, with Tehran.

By Carl Bildt and Javier SolanaMay 17, 2022

The new balance of power: U.S. and allies up, Russia down

"We are now living in a totally new era."

By David IgnatiusMay 17, 2022

Ukrainians are rebuilding after Russian destruction — and asking why

While Ukrainian authorities are repairing the damage along the tank-beaten roads, Russian artillery is gathering on the border.

By Iuliia MendelMay 17, 2022

Thanks, Vladimir Putin, for greatly strengthening NATO

NATO was said to be “brain dead” and “broken.” Now it’s stronger than ever.

By Max BootMay 17, 2022

The tragedy of ISIS fighters’ families left behind in Syria

The caliphate failed. What's to become of the ISIS fighters' families?

By David IgnatiusMay 16, 2022

In the Taliban’s Afghanistan, control of women begins at home

What happens to a society when its boys are brought up to understand that it is normal to control the women in their lives?

By Shabana Basij-RasikhMay 14, 2022

North Korea sees a virus explosion. Its missiles won’t help.

North Korea is facing an even deeper humanitarian crisis than before—and missiles won’t help.

By Editorial BoardMay 13, 2022