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(Martin Bureau / AFP/Getty Images)
(Martin Bureau / AFP/Getty Images)
François Fillon, the new leader of the center-right party, may be the only option to defeat Marine Le Pen’s National Front.

Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis could be a steadying force for Mr. Trump.

The government is set to release bills of higher denomination. What took it so long?

An era of autocracy looms.

The Pentagon hopes for a smooth handoff on plans for advanced technology that could offset Russian and Chinese military gains.

Moscow’s agents are implicated in two dangerous plots in Eastern Europe.

In the general chaos, the loudest, clearest and most convincing voices are the most radical.

Somalian presidential candidate Fadumo Dayib: I do not want to legitimize this system by running in it.

Can the new administration succeed where others have failed?

  • Dennis Ross
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  • 3 days ago
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Americans may have lost their moral authority for the next four years.

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