The future doesn't look good for U.S.-British relations.

The conflict is the most probable area of appeasement for Mr. Trump in his meeting with Mr. Putin.

U.S. presidents would normally stand against the forces of immoderation and authoritarianism. Not Trump.

The Pakistani security establishment has perfected the art of the non-coup coup.

There is much to celebrate as Ethiopia and Eritrea move to normalize relations.

Making the word 'race' taboo, will not change anything in the lives of the people who are affected by racism.

Teams from more populous, wealthier nations with experience have succeeded this World Cup. But while those are leading factors that can determine the outcomes of each game, there are many others that matter.  

Putin hasn't made any concessions or promises to change his ways -- yet he's still getting the meeting he dreamed of.

Finding alternatives to cities that will be thirsty, drowning in waste and controlled by a "digital brain."

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