Putin is limping toward an endgame in Ukraine. Should the West go along?

The Russian ruler wants out of Ukraine, on his own terms.

By David Von DrehleSeptember 27, 2022

Women are leading a revolution in Iran. When will Western feminists help?

A regime that abuses amillions of women each year does not deserve our respect.

By Masih AlinejadSeptember 27, 2022

Putin’s recruits are heading for slaughter

Putin's recruits are leaving Russia, a retired U.S. Army general writes, rather than face certain slaughter.

By Mark HertlingSeptember 27, 2022

Putin’s chaotic mobilization reveals the weakness of his dictatorship

The shambolic process might prevent a collapse of Russian positions, but it will stoke internal unrest and opposition.

By Max BootSeptember 27, 2022

An early lesson in the British pound’s free fall

Britain’s currency has been in freefall since Prime Minister Liz Truss unveiled a mini-budget Friday.

By Catherine RampellSeptember 26, 2022

Putin’s debacle is breaking his country — and he might pay the price

Vladimir Putin's attempt to mobilize Russian men to fight has turned into a self-inflicted wound.

By the Editorial BoardSeptember 26, 2022

Fears about Italy’s Giorgia Meloni are overblown. But don’t underestimate her.

The far-right leader will seek significant change to satisfy the country's populist majority.

By Henry OlsenSeptember 26, 2022

When Iran’s ‘morality police’ came for me

Iran's morality police are the seed of the Islamists' destruction.

By Pardis MahdaviSeptember 26, 2022

Britain has replaced Italy as Europe’s problem economy

This is the first time that being in Europe's currency union has looked more attractive than being outside it.

By Sebastian MallabySeptember 26, 2022

What the West should learn from the protests in Iran

The killing of Mahsa Amini should change how the outside world deals with the Tehran regime.

By Karim SadjadpourSeptember 24, 2022

Putin tears at the fabric of nuclear restraint. Words are dangerous, too.

Putin’s nuclear threats are disquieting and irresponsible.

By the Editorial BoardSeptember 24, 2022

These signs show that China is starting to crack

China is an economic juggernaut. But the country’s weaknesses increasingly dominate its strengths.

By Sebastian MallabySeptember 24, 2022

Governments need to realize that the era of economic freebies is over

Britain's tax cuts might be necessary — but there's a price attached now.

By Megan McArdleSeptember 23, 2022

Authoritarians want to spread their methods. Democracies must stand guard.

A State Department cable to embassies just barely pulled aside the curtain on a much larger drive by authoritarian regimes to export dictatorship beyond their borders.

By the Editorial BoardSeptember 23, 2022

Putin has just made the world a far more dangerous place

The Russian dictator is playing a high-stakes game whose outcome could be catastrophic.

By Fareed ZakariaSeptember 22, 2022

What’s happening in Iran? Here’s what people there are saying.

With protests, Raisi abroad and the supreme leader ailing, could change be on the horizon?

By Jason RezaianSeptember 22, 2022

To confront Putin, Biden should study the Cuban missile crisis

Biden should draw a firm line — JFK never wavered on his demand that Soviet missiles be removed from Cuba — but also look for ways to de-escalate.

By David IgnatiusSeptember 22, 2022

Ukrainians are rejoicing at victory — and awash in trauma and grief

The successful counteroffensive is giving to hope to people who desperately need it.

By Nataliya GumenyukSeptember 22, 2022

In Canada, interest in the monarchy remains mostly an elite thing

A poll found 74 percent of Canadians said Queen Elizabeth II's death had "minor" or "no impact" on their lives.

By J.J. McCulloughSeptember 21, 2022

A woman’s death shows the tyranny of Iran’s regime

Iran’s rulers are out of touch with a society that yearns for more — and deserves better.

By the Editorial BoardSeptember 21, 2022