NATO’s summit shows the alliance is strong. But it must be much stronger.

Europe's resolve against Russia is a good sign. But deeds will speak louder than words.

By Henry OlsenJune 30, 2022

Putin is forcing Germans to get real about the military

Pacifism may be a luxury Germany can no longer afford.

By Katja HoyerJune 30, 2022

NATO is united on Ukraine. Good, but plenty could still go wrong.

Slow weapons delivery to Ukraine, political fatigue among allies and unwise provocations could shift the advantage to Russia.

By David IgnatiusJune 29, 2022

What the tragedy in San Antonio reveals about migration from Mexico

The details of the horrors in San Antonio also illustrate the failure of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

By León KrauzeJune 29, 2022

Putin wants to terrorize Ukraine into submission. It’s not working.

Russia’s barbaric attack on a shopping mall reminds us of the stakes.

By Max BootJune 29, 2022

How a hit children’s TV show is finally giving Australians revenge

"Bluey" presents a kindly but hopefully accurate view of Australian suburban life.

By Richard GloverJune 29, 2022

The Supreme Court has undermined U.S. credibility on human rights

The Court has done a disservice to the rights of people all over the globe.

By Josh RoginJune 29, 2022

Hong Kong was not supposed to look like this

In 1997, many people here assumed that after 25 years, mainland China would look more like Hong Kong.

By Keith B. RichburgJune 28, 2022

Canada decriminalizing drugs in British Columbia will prolong suffering

The world can wait with bated breath to see if this latest “tool” of normalization will stem British Columbia’s body count in a way the previous ones haven’t.

By J.J. McCulloughJune 28, 2022

Why Erdogan should green-light Sweden and Finland’s NATO bids

Erdogan has been threatening to veto the Nordic entry into the alliance because of Sweden’s support for the Kurdish movement in Syria.

By Asli AydintasbasJune 27, 2022

How the G-7 can tip the scales toward Ukraine

As the war with Russia becomes one of attrition, economic resilience becomes the deciding factor. That's where the Group of 7 comes in.

By Robert B. Zoellick June 26, 2022

Europe’s youngest democracy is a new front in the U.S.-Russia battle of ideas

Kosovo sees itself as a lonely example of successful American intervention in recent times.

By Jason RezaianJune 24, 2022

Biden needs to score in the culture wars

Focusing on economics isn't enough.

By Fareed ZakariaJune 23, 2022

Biden is under pressure to go soft on China’s genocide

The administration faces a crucial test of its willingness to confront the atrocities in Xinjiang.

By Josh RoginJune 23, 2022

Why France’s overseas territories are voting for anyone but Macron

Since coming to power, Macron has done little to prioritize the concerns of those in departments.

By Rokhaya DialloJune 23, 2022

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda: Now is the time to make NATO even stronger

The alliance must adapt to a radically changed security environment.

By Gitanas Nauseda June 23, 2022

Biden must not betray defenders of democracy in Saudi Arabia

Biden still has time yet to reconsider and stay true to his word on Saudi Arabia.

By Abdullah AlaoudhJune 23, 2022

Macron lost his parliamentary majority. That shouldn’t be surprising.

The only way forward, for Macron and for France, is to embrace what he has long opposed.

By Henry OlsenJune 22, 2022

Restricting U.S. oil exports would betray European allies and benefit Russia

We can't afford to let Vladimir Putin win the energy war

By Josh RoginJune 22, 2022

Is this the return of Netanyahu?

In reality, the months without Netanyahu in power were an illusion. He was the force that created Bennett’s government; his parliamentary ploy brought it down.

By Gershom GorenbergJune 21, 2022