The president’s statements about the arrest of a Huawei executive once again reveal a debased, transactional approach to foreign policy.

Después de 75 años circulando, la escasez de papel y las presiones judiciales acorralaron a El Nacional.

  • Laura Helena Castillo
  • ·

Only concrete actions can stop the dictator's repressive regime.

  • Dánae Vílchez
  • ·

After arrests in Canada and China, Trump’s comments undermine the rule of law.

Canada's Conservatives must engage with the large number of Canadians who hold tougher views than themselves.

The migrant compact will not erode national sovereignty.

  • Solon Ardittis
  • ·

Voters want competence, pragmatism and experience in public service.

Votes should make clear to Mr. Trump that he can no longer shield Saudi Arabia from the consequences of the crown prince’s reckless actions.

The handover of the CDU's top spot from Angela Merkel to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer raises compelling political questions.

  • Constanze Stelzenmüller
  • ·

Naftali Bennett is either fooling himself or trying to fool the rest of Israel about the reasons for the rift with the diaspora.

The risk is that the country will be permanently weakened in its ability to govern itself.

  • Bronwen Maddox
  • ·

Blaming the United Nations isn't a policy.

  • Matthew Smith
  • ·

A bit of my personal history with the man who is posing as the champion of Jamal Khashoggi.

  • Can Dundar
  • ·

Without accountability, thugs around the world will continue to target Americans.

Narendra Modi's political fumbles from the past few months are taking their toll.

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